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Summer Trip to the Bookstore

It’s a rite of passage into summer. Ever summer, I head off to the bookstore – or, in today’s case, Sam’s book aisle – and purchase about $20 worth of books for summer reading. While I love reading nonfiction, during the summer my genre of choice is definitely light fiction that I can go through quickly while watching the kids at the beach or pool.

Today was the day.

I bought four books for about $20. I have a Jane Green novel I haven’t read before and three others that I have heard about either the book or the author.

I am headed outside to read with a glass of Pinot Grigio. Have to tell you that my favorite summer read is Jimmy Buffet’s A Salty Piece of Land which I will, undoubtedly, re-read this summer – maybe with some homemade sangria.

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