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A Constant Planner

I admit that I am a planner. I don’t mind being spontaneous but I like to know that my contingencies have been covered.

I am the woman who could have written the government’s ready site for them. I am not a naysayer but I do like knowing who is where when something happens.

That would explain my calling my two tennis playing sons on their cell phones (the ones the schools don’t want them having because they are a distraction) when the tornado warning came across the television screen. First off, the warning was not for our immediate area – it was for a county south of us in PA but the line of storms that it was involved with was moving northeast. Second, one of the boys has tennis practice at a town park where there is no real structure around, just a pavillion.

Well, the younger son’s tennis coach realized that weather looked iffy and canceled practice. The older son, on the other hand, has a conference championship tomorrow afternoon and the coach wanted to practice today because practice yesterday for the top ten was optional (which means the top ten didn’t go).

I just like having everything in line so I can sit back and watch the storm roll over the hill.

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