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Competition Day (May 20)

Well, there would be lots of images taht could be in the photo spot today.  The day began early.  At about 11:30 pm Friday night I was at the front desk of the Hilton Gardens in Bloomington, Indiana.  I wanted to be able to use the restaurant ice machine at 5 am rather than the one on my floor.  I knew someone rooming next to the ice machine on floor six would be happy, even if in a non-cognizant way.  What I did not anticipate was the line at the front desk at 4:50 am when I got down there with the cooler.  A half a cup of coffee later and I was putting a cooler filled with ice next to the desk so I could go iron and get ready.

The team loaded the bus for the University at 6:15 am.  Believe it or not, we were all there and ready.  Some kids went via car to be able to impound items for tech events.  Life was good.  No late arrivals.  Only one small snafu as we seemed to leave some books behind.  A few cell calls and we sent the competitor to his 8 am event and knew that the books were in the hands of one of the late arrivals and would be at the campus in plenty of time for the event in question.
…more later

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