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More Indiana – SciOly (5/18)

Yesterday it was movies.  Today it is “Stadium Arcadium” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers – brand new album and atop the Billboard album chart. A good listen and dulls the boredom of the road.

Yesterday it was NY, PA – a little as we went around Lake Erie, and the OH as we made it to just outside Cleveland.  Today it is OH.  I forgot how flat the states get in the Midwest.  OH is not true Midwest but it, nonetheless, reminds me of the trip across country in 89.  The middle of the US is flat.  As you are driving, you can see forever.  OH is sort of like that.  We  have had good and bad weather and construction.  My guess is Binghamton is not the only area that has a construction season.

And speaking of Binghamton, I am in agreement that gas in that area is really high priced.  Gas in the Erie, PA area – a much larger metropolitan area – was under $2.90 a gallon for regular unleaded.  Gas in the Cleveland area was the same.  Gas along I-70 outside Columbus is under $2.80 per gallon.  So why is Binghamton at $3.00 a gallon?

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