This entry is a combination of a post for’s Five for Ten challenge and a review of Aidan Donnelly Rowley‘s first published novel, Life After Yes.  I also need to disclose that I received a copy of this novel from Aidan.  I was not required to provide even a review but love the novel so am and, if you check out the last paragraph, am giving away a copy also.

Prudence Quinn O’Malley! She is a protagonist that we would all love to be or be friends with. She grew up a New Yorker. She is living her adult life in NYC. She is the girl we all want to be. She has it all! She is the star in Aidan Donnelly Rowley’s first novel, Life After Yes.

Quinn, as she chooses to call herself, has had a life full of “after yes.”  She said yes to college and then, yes to law school.  She said yes to an associate’s position in a major law firm.  She, then, said the biggest yes of her life – yes to Sage McIntyre when he proposed marriage.

Enough about what happens in the book.  I could recap the plot forever because it is so real, so true, so me and you.  There is nothing like picking up a book where the characters and the plot and the setting come together and you can actually imagine them happening.

That verisimilitude – I think I have been helping one of my kids with English homework…LOL! – is what makes Life After Yes a compelling read.  It is not set in medieval England.  It  is not set in the 1800’s.  This is a contemporary story.  The story is set in post 9/11 (a term I seldom use) New York City.  Quinn has ties to the horrible events of that day.

The conflict that shows in Aidan’s first novel is amazing –  the conflict between Prudence and Quinn, one and the same person but two distinctly different beings; the conflict between Quinn and others in the novel.  The characters scream reality.  I can picture myself in younger years as several of them.  The setting is a city I love and the descriptions so vivid I feel as if I am there.

I encourage you to run out and pick up a copy of Life After Yes. I also want you to know I am giving away a copy of the novel.  I will order and have dropped shipped to you a brand new copy of Life After Yes.  The winner of the book will be drawn from comments on May 28.  I do encourage you to go out and ask for this book at your local book store.  If they are not carrying it, ask them to do so.  Give away your copy if you win my copy.

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