Just my Thoughts · Poetry


The sun peaks over the hills

Rays pour into my kitchen

I sit with hot coffee,

Contemplating my day

The longing for peace and quiet

The longing for time to write my words

The longing for time to share with friends

The longing for a perfect day

The sun brightens

I write but not my words, those for someone else

I use time to run and be with myself, but have little left for friends

The day is not perfect but it is

The sun is peaking through clouds

I sit at a kitchen table with a mug of coffee

I am typing words that are mine

I am wondering how long I can spend like this

The clouds and sun play peek-a-boo

The words flow easily

The friends are in and out, both virtually and in reality

The day is closer to perfection

Longing for a combination of these days

Understanding, in time, that will come

Supposing I can wait but not wanting to

Time will tell

9 thoughts on “Lust

  1. As mothers, as WOMEN, life pulls us in so many directions. Not always the ones we want. We have to remember, as you write here, to honour our needs, our own desires. Lovely Nicki!

  2. Nicki. Another great post. Love these words. The images. The feeling of a day unfolding and wanting to do it all. Perfection.

  3. Hi Nicki – The way you’ve captured the different directions you are pulled in as a woman, writer, friend, and mother really resonates with me.

    “Longing for a combination of these days.” Amen to that!

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