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AT Any Cost – A Book Review

NEW RELEASE…. The slayings are cold-blooded…  …but it’s deceit that has Alex staring at the face of death. Alex goes off the books to try to stop a group that has re-defined modern-day terrorism. Extortion, bombings, and assassinations have created fear inside and outside of the beltway — all while being nearly invisible. Alex has no… Continue reading AT Any Cost – A Book Review

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Shame ON You – A Book Review

NEW RELEASE…. Two shattered lives bound by one haunting secret. Chantel hasn’t been the same since her sister went missing ten years ago. Ravaged by drug addiction ever since that fateful moment, Chantel vanished a month ago. Could the same kidnapper be involved? Pulled into the investigation by his friend, Ivy Nash, Ozzie quickly learns… Continue reading Shame ON You – A Book Review

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ON the Rocks – A Book Review

NEW RELEASE…. Her allure is undeniable. But is it also toxic?Ozzie is determined to make this PI gig work, but only on his terms. And then Rosie shows up. She’s desperate to get dirt on her powerful, womanizing husband and then move on.Ozzie knows he has a soft spot for those who’ve been taken advantage of.… Continue reading ON the Rocks – A Book Review