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Holiday Planning and Holiday Plans

Have you ever thought of the holiday season that just began with Thanksgiving with disgust? I do every now and then. Usually, my disgust stems from a lack of planning. If I plan out my holidays – from gifts to wrapping time to shipping to baking, I love how the days flow and how I… Continue reading Holiday Planning and Holiday Plans

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Life Lessons from the Long Run

Yesterday was my longest run to date, 20 miles.  There are many reasons this is important but the biggest thing is I learned some lessons I can apply to life in general. Plan your work and work your plan. I have been following a plan for marathon training.  There are a few “ifs” or “buts”… Continue reading Life Lessons from the Long Run

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Flexibility and Change

I receive a “Healthy Reflections” email every day from Sparkpeople.com.  Today’s just hit home with me as a friend has been talking about change a lot lately.  Below is the quote that came with the reflection and the reflection itself.  Keep reading!  You will find my thoughts. How Well do You Roll with the Punches?… Continue reading Flexibility and Change