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Spicy Bean Soup with Wild Rice

I am all for trying new things. I am still finding, other than beans, my go-to item as a vegetarian. Even this recipe has beans in it. I generally go to chick peas or black beans so like when things get mixed up with white beans. A warning on this recipe: I needed to add… Continue reading Spicy Bean Soup with Wild Rice

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Three Bean Soup

It is winter in upstate NY and I am in soup making mode.  Number one, I have more mouths to feed during college breaks.  Number two, nothing warms the body and the soul like homemade soup.  Number three, I love to make soup. I cannot take full credit for the recipe below.  I swear I… Continue reading Three Bean Soup

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Feeding a Vegetarian

Admit it, you have tried it.  I know I have.  I spent one of my five college years as a vegetarian.  What I am finding now, though, is that high school kids are becoming vegetarians.  As kids are growing, you need to pay close attention to what they eat to provide not only the fuel for… Continue reading Feeding a Vegetarian