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A Pilgrimage

I’m less than two weeks from my first pilgrimage. What, you may ask, is a pilgrimage? ‘Pilgrimage’ is often used to describe an individual’s journey through life, sometimes as a general description of personal growth and exploration, sometimes, as in Christianity, outlining a particular spiritual focus or pathway which it is believed will lead to encounter with God. So I’m going on a spiritual pilgrimage to Fatima.

Where is Fatima? Fatima is in central Portugal.  town that’s home to the Sanctuary of Fátima, a Catholic pilgrimage site. The Capelinha das Aparições marks the spot where the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared in 1917. I will be going to Mass at the Capelinha, which is amazing to me.

Now let me tell you. This is not the first foreign country I’ve visited. Before 2001, I lived close to the Canadian border. We would go to Canada all the time. It only required identification – so a driver’s license. This trip has required obtaining a passport. That was step one in my trip. I actually booked my plane ticket prior to getting the passport. Yes, it can be done. I added my passport number after I received my passport.

I will probably not be posting when I am in Portugal but I have several more posts coming before my take off later this month. I want to tell you all about prepping for my pilgrimage.

Stay tuned for more.

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