Just my Thoughts

17 Years

If you are an American or you were in the United States on September 11, 2001, it is probably a day you have not yet forgotten.

I can still give an almost hour by hour telling of my day. It was odd because, today is my birthday. Better than that, in 2001, I was turning 40.

As we get further and further from 2001, it appears to be loosening its hold on my birthday. Today, living farther away from New York City, I barely knew anything was going on today other than my birthday. But today is an odd anniversary. It is not a big one like ten years, 15, or 20.

The problem with these big anniversaries is that they are what society deems is an important birthday. I turned 50 on the 10th anniversary. I will turn 65 on the 25th anniversary.

While I never want to forget, I would love to have my birthday back.


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