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Feetures! Socks – A Product Review

I’m kind of picky about the socks I wear when I run. I have thrown away more socks than I care to mention because they just didn’t fit the way I wanted them to or they just bugged me. Enter Feetures! socks!

I was approached by an agency that helps Feetures! out and when they asked if I’d like to try the socks, my answer was a resounding yes. I have heard a lot about Feetures! but have never worn them.

Feetures! Socks

I really love the design of these socks. First, they come with a left and a right. There is actually an L and an R on the socks so you get them on properly. Second, there is no toe seam in the socks. That means no rubbing on the toes. That is really important. Third is the material they are made out of. The regular Elite socks are made of a moisture wicking material. The merino wool ones are made from merino wool that insulates when wet. What runner doesn’t end up with wet feet when running in the winter?

Then, there are these amazing colors. I love both pairs of my socks because of the colors they are.

Are you a runner? What is your favorite sock?

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