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Busy Is Not Good

Busy! I have been busy. I’ve been doing a lot of family thing, as I had family visiting for the week of Thanksgiving. I’ve been busy recruiting new clients. I’ve been reading as I realized I needed to pick it up to reach my book challenge goal on Goodreads. What I haven’t been doing is working out.


I am not too busy to work out. I need to run. It helps me keep my weight stable and it helps me think through a lot of what is going on in my life. I need that relief.

I was reminded today that the holiday season – and the next two weeks in my life are the stereotypical holiday buzz – can cause us to go off track. I need to get back on track before this really hits me. I started off November great. I had a 29 mile week as I ran a half marathon on the 5th and took third in my age group. Then, I had a 10  mile week. Then, last week – UGH! I moved .9 miles and that was walking the dog. Not good at all.

I’m going to be writing more in December because that also keeps me sane. I will try, although I make no guarantees as I have just picked up two new clients, blog every day until Christmas. Now, realize I have a class on this Saturday, rehearsal for the Christmas Pageant on Sunday, a trip to South Carolina next week/weekend, dinner with some church guests next Saturday evening, the Christmas Pageant on the 11th. I am sure I will be begging for the month and the year to end when we get past the 11th.

But, since my 100 miles in November was a bust and my NaNoWriMo in November was a bust, I’m going to have a great December!

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