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What A Weekend!

Yes, I know it is still August. Yes, I know I have failed at a video a day but this past weekend was so full of fun I can talk and talk about it but I want to write about it.

Friday, I came into 25 pounds of tomatoes. I spent Friday evening making sauce, separating out tomatoes, giving some away. Of course, after the making comes the clean up but I was in bed in time for a good night’s sleep prior to Saturday.

I headed out early Saturday morning to go to the church yard sale. I had donated a few things but I love a good sale. Yes, there was a small purchase made but not at St Margaret’s. After there, a stop was made at the UMC sale. First, I loved the barn out back. Second, this place had some pressed aluminum that caught my eye. Yup! That is one thing I cannot turn down. After going to sales, we – all things are better with friends – headed to Panacea in Frog Level to have coffee and breakfast. The scones were delicious! The coffee, amazing! My friend had a massage appointment – of which I was envious – and I headed home to rest up as we were meeting a bit later to head to Waynesville Beer Faire. That will be it’s own post as it was a blast!

Sunday brought early mass. I was out of the house by 7:30 to get to church. I did not go back for adult education this week as I was heading hiking. The weather looked questionable but we were going to head out anyway. We met at our normal spot so I could leave my car. Then we heading to Shining Rock Wilderness area in Pisgah National Forest. At least one of us finally bought a map. LOL!

Shining Rock, Pisgah
Shining Rock Wilderness

This is very near the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp. There is on the side of the road parking which is signed to keep the camp’s traffic from taking the spots. Of course, people need to pay attention to signs for them to matter. We had no trouble finding a place to park. The start of the trail was steep and technical. Roots filled the trail but we managed, by following the path the dog took, to get going. This area is absolutely beautiful. I cannot really find words that describe it appropriately. We hiked about an hour up the mountain before deciding it was time to head back down. I’m still recovering from the summer cold that will not end. Breathing did pose a bit of an issue but I had a blast.

Shining Rock, PIsgah
Panoramic from Shining Rock

After we got back to the truck, we went driving. We headed south. And eventually hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed north. We basically drove around in circles, stopping to enjoy the views and let the pup out when she was not too tired. I could spend every weekend doing this type of activity and just may.

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