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Beginning Again

Earlier this week, I talked about fate and how I felt it has lead me to the mountains of Western North Carolina. I also talked about how I knew my mother had subconsciously pointed me in this direction. Granted, she knew I loved the mountains but still. Everything is from the lens we view it through – our lives, our experiences, our biases.

Today, I want to talk about beginning again. We all do it throughout our lives. Think back to childhood – though I’m sure, as adults, we would never tell our children they were beginning again, children begin again every time they move to a new school. Then, there is the life adventure of college if you choose to attend. Beginning life after college or after high school may be the hardest beginning people have or maybe not. Weddings and other permanent relationships are beginnings and ones that depend on other people for success, not just yourself.

I am beginning again. That is part of what my move brings about, a new beginning. I realized at the rehearsal dinner for my son’s wedding that this beginning would also be a first for me. While I have frequently, in the last ten years anyway, traveled alone, I have never lived alone. I went from high school to college where I frequently did not have a roommate but always had others living in the same building whether a dorm, an apartment or a sorority house. I got married shortly out of college so did not have a place on my own after college. When my marriage broke up, I had six kids living with me. Even as I left NY, I still had one adult child living with me.

The Front Door to My Home
The Front Door to My Home

Living alone means everything is on me. Everything from shopping to taking out the garbage to getting my work done to remembering to change the sheets and wash the towels. I am getting into a groove and loving life but I need to realize this may take me a while as it is a first.

My New Table Set
My New Table Set

Have you ever lived alone? For how long? Did you enjoy it?

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