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I have to admit I’ve been neglecting y’all, dear readers. No, I have not developed a drawl since moving to North Carolina but that is solely due to the fact I have not been here long enough to do so. Y’all is a throw back from my college days in West Virginia and something I have said many times before.

Taken from the Sleepy Gap area during a March trip to Asheville prior to moving.
Taken from the Sleepy Gap area during a March trip to Asheville prior to moving.

But enough about language. I’m here to let you know I am in North Carolina permanently. I should not have to go back to New York right away. Now to get to that driver’s license center and get my NC license. Then, I can deal with the tag place – the New Yorker in me does not understand two different places to deal with one thing but I”ll get to understanding it.

My client book is filling up rather quickly here. I am working with a race director on things about that race. I’m also working with an author on her book release. Then, I’m actually going to a restaurant to work.

I run in the sun but am finding the elevation an adaptive process. I am hoping now that I am here I can become more consistent on the running. I also have my bike in NC now so I can get in some great cross training. I just need a map. I also need trail maps but haven’t yet bought them.

Last week I started the 12 week process that is Julia Cameron’s newest book. It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again has been calling my name ever since a podcast I listen to interviewed Julia about the book. I”m thrilled to have begun morning pages again but they are a habit that has to be redeveloped. I so want to get up in the morning and do something else but know a brain dump, so to speak, is best.

There are some great book reviews coming up on here, along with reviews of places that I have been to here in North Carolina. Please bear with me as I adapt to my new life and get back to writing here daily. I have a new dessert recipe that you will get soon.

How do you adapt to change in your life?

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