May in Review

On target or not?

I’m a bit behind but want to get my May review out there as the June review will be halfway through the year and will mean possible changes to my goals.

I will not run any full marathons this year. This is not hard to keep in mind. I have looked at a couple of longer races but have not registered for anything the remainder of 2016. Does this mean I’m not racing the rest of the year?  No. It means I haven’t decided what or where I’m racing.

I will end the year with a combined mileage of 2016. The progress on this goal is not what it should be. I may have to drastically reevaluate this at the end of June.

I will embrace strength training. I consider a lot of my moving to have been strength training. Now to set up a schedule for additional training.

This entire area is ripe for new goals as the two I had hear have been accomplished.
I will see my oldest get married. The family had a great time but missed Lydia.
I will move to the greater Asheville area. I’m in my place in Lake Junaluska and loving it. The apartment is coming along and becoming more like home daily.

The final piece to my divorce will be filed. This is completed.
I will pay off one Parent Plus loan. This is done. Two more to go.
I will continue to put money in a savings account for a rainy day. This is ongoing.

I will find and join an Asheville CSA. I have opted to find a grandstand nearby.
I will menu plan. I began this again yesterday.
I will eat whole, healthy foods. This is ongoing and one of my greatest achievements.

How often do you re-visit your goals? Do you change them at a certain point?

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