Taking IT Easy

You may or may not know that I’m friends with Denny Drahe (@dizruns). We actually met in Roanoke, Virginia – no, neither of us is from Roanoke – a few years back. I’ve been a guest on his podcast. You can listen to our chat – something I have yet to do because I truly dislike the sound of my own voice – here. I strongly suggest you subscribe to his  newsletter while you are hanging out on his site. It was a mailing from Denny that inspired this post.


The email subject quoted a song I love: “Well I’m Running Down the Road, Trying to Loosen My Load …” Denny went on to talk about taking it easy. That said, the previous email from him was sent on his anniversary and was about looking back. So, I’m loosening my load by taking it easy – nothing but work, anticipation of my move, and cleaning out this NY house. I’m  playing a waiting game. I’m ready to leave but do not have all my eggs collected yet so here I am.

So taking it easy – I’m pretty sure not having a formal workout on my calendar in almost three weeks is not what Denny meant by taking it easy. I’ve been doing some unofficial strength training. Last week it consisted of moving several pieces of furniture to the curb – see above about moving. The same has happened for the last few weeks. I have packed all my running and cycling gear so I’ve been doing things differently. I spent a night at my son and new daughter-in-law’s wedding reception. You can bet that was a big cardio event as I danced all night.

I have been reading and writing a lot of reviews. These are due in the month of June but I want to get them done so I can get into my new community easily. I also have a job down south and need time to work it into my life. This past weekend I read 5 1/2 books and wrote four reviews. I tend to get up between chapters, walk around the house. It isn’t exactly being active but I haven’t had a weekend like that in a long time.

Now for the look back – I haven’t had a break like this without an injury to encourage it since I started running in 2007, just a few days shy of my 46th birthday. I think it is good because it has allowed me to get other things done. I’ve been reading more than usual. I’ve been writing. I’ve been creating a social media plan for an event. I’ve been living life.

Soon I’ll be back to normal with at least one workout a day, maybe more, but for now I’m taking it easy until I have the puzzle of packing the car.

2 thoughts on “Taking IT Easy

  1. Thanks for the shoutout Nicki! Glad you’re taking a chance to take it easy from training without it being injury induced! You’ll have plenty of time to get back into running and cycling once you get moved and settled in!

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