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Moving Tips

Now that I am at minus three days into my move and still in NY, in case you’re wondering, I have a few tips for those of you moving.

Storage from first trip to NC
Storage from first trip to NC



I had a timeline all planned out. I knew my son was getting married on May 7th. I wanted to put my stuff in my car and be on the way to NC on May 9th. If the 8th had not been Mother’s Day and I had not seen all six kids on Mother’s Day since the oldest was a senior in high school so 13 years, I would have left on Sunday. Then, came the obstacles. The first, and most major, was MetLife. I realized that my decision to stay in NY until this was totally dealt with turned out to be a smart move. I have had a few bumps but I am packed and ready to load a car.


Part of my packing the car up is that I didn’t buy boxes. I took whatever people had to give and used those. Consequently, I am going to have an issue packing the car in the most efficient manner. If the boxes were all the same size, the packing would be easier.


I had, about two years back, taken to packing all my race/running items in a reusable grocery bag when I traveled to races. These bags have come in handy now I am out of boxes. I’m not totally out but promised my daughter I would leave her a couple. I packed all my running gear in one. I packed kitchen items in one. I am packing my Tupperware containers in one.


I bought mine at the dollar store but, none the less, my closet of clothing is taking up a sixth of the space it did when it was not all vacuumed up. These may only be usable one time but they are worth the investment. I can either put the bags in a container or I can slide them into spaces a box will not fit.

All of this said, the biggest thing you can do to pack up your home to move is to get rid of things. I will post about decluttering as I packed a bit later.

Have you ever moved? What challenges did you face? Would these tips have made it easier?

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