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Summer Time

This coming weekend is my church bazaar. I could say that means it will be odd but this year I will not be there. Normally, I try to get to the bazaar at least once. It runs for two days from 4-11 and then a chicken BBQ on Sunday after church. My big problem is that there is little I want at the bazaar.

I don’t eat meat so the chicken BBQ is out. Many of the every day foods are either deep fried or other meats so there is little for me to snack on or want to eat. I could drink but I have rather picky taste as far as beer and wine are concerned. Neither of which get satisfied by the bazaar’s selection.

I am not a card player nor a BINGO fan. The casino tent is a big draw for many but not for me. Nor do I want to sit and play BINGO for hours on end.

This summer I am heading to Buffalo for the weekend. A selection of my children and my ex and I will be doing a pedal tour of some of the breweries in the area. Expect a review of the breweries, beer and pedal tour.

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