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MealEnders – A Product Review

Through my association with FitApproach, I received four packages of Mealenders to sample and review. All opinions are my own. Item for giveaway is provided by Mealenders directly. Due to overwhelming response, the earliest winner shipments will go out is mid-April.

I’m not one for the easy way out on how to lose weight. I know the basics. Do I really need a dietician – this was years ago – to tell me eat less, move more? My guess is no. What I needed then, and probably we all need every now and then, is how to eat less.

There is always the shear willpower of eating less. I am not one to enjoy deprivation, though. I exercise and run so I can eat and drink within reason. I do it for other reasons, too, but these two are pretty high on the reason list. I also believe that the more we hold something back from ourselves – whether food, friends, drink, sex – the more we want that exact thing.

Enter MealEnders.

Let’s start with what MealEnders are. They are low calorie and low fat. They are gluten free and kosher. They do NOT contain herbs, added stimulants or drugs. MealEnders are signaling lozenges that help you avoid overeating. They work with the body’s natural hunger and fullness signaling process.


The actual lozenge is about the size of a jelly bean, not Jelly Bellys as they tend to be small but the kind you find with a store brand on them. The outer layer is sweet, like a desert. My favorite of the four flavors – chocolate mint, cinnamon, citrus, and mocha – is a toss up. I’m torn between cinnamon and mocha. I love the spice cinnamon and tend to easily double, if not triple, it in any recipe I make utilizing it. On the other coffee and chocolate, or mocha, has my two favorite things combined. None of the lozenges taste funny so I probably should just not play favorites. The inner layer, or center, engages the nerve that senses taste to cue the end of eating and clear the palate.

I have found MealEnders to be particularly useful in avoiding late night snacks and in helping cut down on return trips to the meal dishes – in other words, second or even third helpings. The hardest thing I found with the lozenge is to not bite it. Like with that famous candy the Tootsie Pop, I want to bite it for no other reason than because it says to not do it.  It takes me approximately 15 minutes to dissolve one lozenge in my mouth. It takes the brain 20 minutes to know you are full.

I’ve been using MealEnders on a sort of hit and miss basis – I forgot to pack any when I went on my trip to Asheville – for about five weeks now. While I am not seeing huge weight loss – and honestly, I did not expect to see weight loss, I am seeing more leftovers in my fridge. This would be the lack of a second helping.

MealEnders would like to give one lucky reader a chance to try all four varieties. As I indicated previously, these items will ship directly from the company and will not ship before mid-April. To enter, please leave a comment below on what your biggest eating challenge is. For additional entries, follow MealEnders on Twitter and follow me on Twitter. You just need to leave an additional comment for each of these. Please leave your twitter name also.


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