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Popped Edamame Chips – A Product Review

Disclaimer: I received samples of the popped edamame chips to sample in return for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

Have you ever been asked to bring chips and a dip to a holiday party? I always prefer to find something more healthy than a regular chip. I also like chips that will hold up to dipping and are flavorful. In comes a new entry in the market – Crunchmaster Popped Edamame Chips.


First off, let’s talk flavor. Neither the sea salt nor the wasabi soy were overpowering in taste. The wasabi did have a heat that hits your tongue but not too hot. I loved both packages – sea salt and wasabi soy – I tried.

Now let’s talk about healthy. I have a family full of people who have Celiac’s. Having a gluten-free option is important. These snacks are gluten-free.


There are 18 chips in a serving that has 130 calories. I appreciate the serving size. It’s enough to be filling if you are eating just the chips as a snack.

Both chips would be great with dips. I particularly like the sea salt with salsa and the wasabi soy with hummus. You could make a lovely platter of sturdy popped edamame chips and hummus for your next holiday party.

Where would you serve a popped edamame chip?

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