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WIN – A Product Review



(Sorry my blog format distorts the photo.)

Disclaimer: I received two free 32 ounce bottles of WIN Detergent because of my association with Fit Approach.  All opinions are my own.

I am loving WIN Sports Detergent. Prior to trying WIN Detergent, I would rinse out my running gear after a run and wash it every few days. I know that sounds gross but good tech gear is expensive and I hated to wash it too much. Now I wash my running gear after each run.

WIN Detergent is specifically designed to remove sweat, oils, and odors from technical apparel, meaning all that tech gear we wear while running. The original version is scented but the scent is not overwhelming. I also love how the scent continues to linger as I workout so I do not smell horribly.

WIN Detergent also had a dye-free, scent-free GREEN version. The smell of “nothing” on my tech gear is amazing.

I have used WIN Detergent both a high efficiency washing machine and when washing out my gear in the sink by hand. It works great either way.

Thanks to WIN Detergent one lucky reader will be able to receive a free 32 ounce bottle of both detergents. You can enter art the Rafflecopter below.


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