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The Unplugged Life

I have been trying an unplugged life. This type of living is very odd for me. Let me explain.

Back in October, I gave up on Time Warner. We no longer have the digital phone or the broadband internet or cable television. This has been a hard thing to adjust to for me. I didn’t realize how much I depended on cable television. With a digital converter and an antenna, we can manage to get about seven stations at my home. Major networks – CBS and Fox. I do not watch a lot of Fox. What I miss is CNN and the Weather Channel. I also missed a lot of holiday specials that I would watch and holiday movies. Worse than those, I am missing some college sports that I love and hockey. There is no hockey on any of the channels I can get via the airwaves. I cannot, though, justify the cost of that bill each month.

The digital phone is more an inconvenience for those who are trying to reach me. I do not keep my cell phone charged on a regular basis. I also do not manage to remember to take it with me places. People cannot call me or get a hold of me easily. My children – most of them adults – can be reached at the drop of a hat, though. They always have their phones on their persons.

Internet, though, is a tough on for all of us. Some of the kids have smart phones so those are okay for internet access. Not all of them have these. My work is internet dependent. I have taken to working at coffee shops or, strange as this may sound, McDonald’s or Barnes and Noble. All have free wi-fi and I can do my work or email work to clients this way.

Is this an ideal life for me? No. Is this what I need to do at this point in time? Yes. I have not been to a location to be online in over a week. I am heading out to check email, mail work to clients and get some news other than that on the local CBS affiliate.


Could you live without cable, internet, landline phone?


4 thoughts on “The Unplugged Life

  1. I’ve missed you, but I’ve been sick, so no running for me! If it really gets to you, you can always access you phone more to keep in touch. Being unplugged certainly has some attractive qualities, though!

  2. If I could figure out how to kill my landline (and the utter waste of $$), I’d be thrilled. (Suggestions? I need it for cable, and the expense is absurd and I don’t otherwise use it!!)

    As for internet – it’s my mode of working – so that will and must remain. It’s also a vital way for me to keep in touch with my kids when they’re at college – and a handful of friends scattered around the world.

    But in general – I think you make an important point. How dependent we’ve all become on these technologies, and unconsciously, we assume their presence, their expense, and the time required to use them.

    I could go for “unplugged” for a period, but the world around us has changed – in part as the result of these conveniences, and in part, as a result of their burden.

    1. I have found these last three months really hard. I work online also so know that I have missed out on some things as I have only been online when I go somewhere. I have a few things that I am considering but not totally sure at the moment.

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