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Cookie Dilemma

Have you ever had issues with what you are baking? I made cookie dough. I made two different kinds, both what I consider Christmas cookies. The first batch was sugar cookie rollout dough. It was my mother’s recipe and I use to hate using it as I am not a wait for the dough to get cold kind of gal. I like making my dough and my cookies and being done with it all. The second was a gingerbread recipe that also needed to be chilled.

The sugar cookie dough was done on a Saturday in December. My oldest daughter was having a party the next day and I was making these cookies for that party. I never got them cut out and baked. There is that chill the dough part coming in again. I left the dough in the refrigerator for some time but when I did decide I was going to make cookies, the dough was all crumbly. I added a bit more water and still was having issues. I re-wrapped the dough and put it back in the refrigerator.

I have several gingerbread cookie recipes. I have, though, lost my favorite one which did not require refrigeration. I cannot wait to find another not necessary to chill the dough recipe. In the beginning of December, I made one recipe. I refrigerated it and then got it all rolled out and made a gingerbread-mince roll. It also had ginger flavored cream cheese in it and was delicious. The roll had some issues in the oven but tasted fantastic.

The second batch I used a recipe that came with a Tupperware calendar I had years ago. The recipe was larger so I could do some cut outs and another roll if I wanted to do so. I refrigerated the dough and, sure enough, it was all crumbly. I do not know what happened. I added more water and re-formed several – four to be precise – balls of dough and put it back in the refrigerator.

I am ready to make cookies again. Now, will the two dough be good enough or will a crumbly-ness continue and will I eat the raw the cookie dough?

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