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Starbucks’ Breakfast Fare

What a pleasant surprise when I walked into my local Starbucks on December 20th to find that breakfast sandwiches were buy one, get one free. After having read Onward by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, I have steered clear of the breakfast sandwiches at my favorite coffee shop. I knew that changes had been made since they were originally introduced but I wasn’t willing to tempt fate. Vestal, New York may not be on the top of the list for Starbucks so I wasn’t going to order something that would smell up the small shop.

I figured if a lot of people were ordering these and I wasn’t hit with the smell of breakfast sandwiches when I walked in the shop, I was good to get a sandwich … or two as the case may be.

Let me tell you that the variety that was available floored me. I was excited to be able to order a wrap instead of a sandwich. My order was not adventurous by any means – two spinach, feta and egg wraps. YUM!

The wrap, which I expected to be on a tortilla type of wrap, was on flatbread. This means the wrap itself was thicker than just a tortilla. It was multi-grain of some sort. The reminder was delicious. Whoever prepared the wrap did so with perfection. I lost none of the insides as I was eating the wrap. I am a huge spinach fan and there was plenty of spinach in the wrap – fresh baby spinach it seemed to me without taking the wrap apart to actually see. The feta was the perfect companion to the spinach and egg.

The wrap tasted delicious. I was so full I even came home and ran three hours later without a growl in my stomach. I didn’t even manage to eat lunch as I was still full. I count myself lucky to have decided to work at Starbucks that morning as I had breakfast for five dollars and thoroughly enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks’ Breakfast Fare

  1. Hi there!
    just wanted to tell you I loved your essay on RLAM! I had the honor to be featured a few days ago and it was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed reading your story! Happy New Year to you!

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