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The Postal Quandry

The US Postal Service has proposed cutting service within the United States. This process was not something done on a whim but one that took much analysis. None of the changes are going to be easy. First class mail will be slower. Jobs will be lost. Services will be consolidated. Saturday mail delivery will be eliminated.

To prevent these actions from happening sooner, rather than later, the United States Senate passed a moratorium. None of these actions can take place for five months. I wish that Congress – or the Senate in particular – would stay out of this issue. Yes, I know that every senator wants to look like he saved jobs in his state. I know, also though, that if the USPS were a business, these changes would have taken place long ago to ensure continued viability. On top of these changes, a for profit business would have increased stamp prices ages ago and not by a penny or two at a time.

Do I want first class mail to take longer to get to me? No. I will say, though, that those who live where I do should be use to this issue. Many years ago, Binghamton stopped processing mail on Saturdays. Consequently, a letter going to a local business or neighbor that was mailed on Monday would arrive on Tuesday. The same letter mailed on Saturday would arrive on Tuesday. Saturday’s – or all weekend mail for all I know – mail would go to Syracuse to be processed and then come back to the area. The extra day – or even two – was a known and people work around it.

Do I want Saturday mail delivery to stop? If this move will keep the postal service solvent, I say yes. I do not care if the little mail that I receive gets to me on Saturday or not. Having a weekend without mail would not deter me from doing business. I can live without Saturday mail delivery.

Locally, the processing center in Binghamton will be moved to, or consolidated with, Syracuse. Yes, this will make delivery a bit slower. Yes, this will cause some job loss in the area, an area that can hardly stand the job losses it has already seen. Yes, this will cause some movement of jobs to Syracuse. Do I personally want any of these items? No. Do I see the reasoning for them? Yes and, as a business, I feel the US Postal Service should do what is necessary to stay a viable business.

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