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Travel Tidbits 3

While I would gladly sit in the airport and just bury my head in my computer, the commuter gates at Dulles are not where there is an abundance of outlets or charging stations. Because of this, I thought my computer was going to have to be turned off due to the battery running out. Then, an airline employee who was charging a cell phone had to go back to work and I just slid over to that set of seats and plugged in to the outlet.

I was not the only person who experienced these issues. As I was chatting with my son in Buffalo online, I looked over to find two twenty somethings sitting on the floor near another outlet. Both were talking away on their cell phones with said phones plugged into the outlet. Needless to say, a few more outlets or more than one Samsung Charging Station in this area would be helpful. While there may only be six A gates, each gate has six letters associated with it so a lot of little commuter planes fly in and out of each A gate.
As I was waiting for the plane to board, I was approached by a woman who was in the same boarding area. This boarding area was for gate A4 but there would be, in about a half hour’s time, six different commuter flights taking off from that gate. She was wondering, as we had both been there waiting approximately the same amount of time, if I was going to Dayton, Ohio. I told her no and explained where I was going. It is always nice to have someone to watch bags that you may trust, even though you do not know them all that well. Carting a purse and a carry-on into the restrooms is just a pain in the butt.

She was a small woman. When I had been using my computer early on in the layover, she had been curled up in a chair and was asleep. While I may have been exhausted, I could no more sleep in these chairs than sleep walking. They were not even comfortable to sit in so I could not imagine sleeping in them.

Later, as the boarding area filled up more – six flights with approximately 36 available seats on each is a lot of people, we began speaking with a man whose bags noted “crew.” He had started the day in Switzerland and was a flight attendant. He was flying standby to Columbus, Ohio, to visit relatives. His home, and I presume his home base for flights, was Jacksonville, Florida. He had some interesting stories to tell about his time crossing the Atlantic earlier that day and being in first class. The woman who was heading to Dayton and I listened, although we both admitted we would need a lot of luck to get an upgrade to that area of the plane. Evidently, those flying in areas other than economy tend to think they are rock stars. Have you heard of the riders rock stars put on their contracts – specific waters kept at certain temperatures, that type of thing? At least one passenger wanted a beverage served with one ice cube.

Another standby flight attendant told of flying into Dulles – or should I say Richmond – earlier that day. The flight bound from Columbus to Dulles was diverted to Richmond due to fog and the inability to land. The woman needed to get to Charlottesville, Virginia. She ended up renting a car to get there in time from Richmond.

Needless to say, I enjoyed my flights tremendously. I would recommend everyone fly now and then. Be very flexible in your plans and your travel will be fantastic.

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