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Holiday Cards & a Giveaway

I know. It isn’t even Halloween yet. What am I doing talking about holiday cards already? I have to be honest. I usually make my cards. I have used several different designs in the past. Here is last year’s.

2010 Card

You may look and say fairly simple but it was embossed which meant each card had several steps to it. While these could be done in an assembly line manner, the time to make the approximately 50 cards I normally send out is overwhelming.

This year I was looking for something different. I have been spending more time taking photographs than making cards throughout the year. I was really excited to check out Shutterfly’s holiday and Christmas cards. There were truly only two hard parts about this decision. Shutterfly has so many different styles of holiday cards. I had to make a decision about which style I wanted to use. I chose one with just one photo on it. There are plenty that will hold multiple photos. Shutterfly also has greeting cards, photo gifts and calendars. Some day I will make calendars for the next year as gifts.

Now, I am thinking this is going to take me even longer than making cards. There are so many choices to make, so many decisions. I did find, though, that the hardest decision by far is figuring out what photos I am going to use. I chose this card and a photo of snow (this is not my card but the sample).

Design from Shutterfly.com

In less than five minutes after making the design and the photo decisions, I managed to make the card I want for this year. On top of that, I do not have to sign all those cards. They come signed. Now, if I really wanted to save time, I could also get the envelopes addressed for an extra fee. If I were really organized, I could also have Shutterfly mail the cards for me. I do want to do a bit of the “work” myself.

While I have never used Shutterfly before, my daughter has. She made a wonderful book on Shutterfly that was dedicated to the photos from Senior Week at her university. The product, when received, was very professionally done and arrived in a very reasonable time.

Now for the giveaway, do you have a blog? Are you a blogger? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here:  http://goo.gl/DDw7Q

Don’t worry, if you are not a blogger, I am giving away 25 free cards to three lucky readers. To enter, leave a comment below. Let me know a time saving tip you have for the holiday season. I will, on October 25, use random.org to pick three random winners. Please be sure to leave a way to contact you in the comment. To get an extra entry, like Shutterfly’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. Leave a separate comment for each entry.

Disclaimer: I received 50 free cards from Shutterfly in return for doing this review and giveaway. I was not influenced or told what to write. The opinions are solely mine.

12 thoughts on “Holiday Cards & a Giveaway

  1. Currently I am designing our holiday card through Kodak’s website. More of a holiday postcard. No envelope and less waste. However I will have to give Shutterfly a look. Thank you.

    1. Joe – I always worry about the muck and mud at holiday time to do just a postcard. Maybe I should care less about what it looks like when it gets there. 🙂

  2. Nicki,
    One of the ways I save time at the holidays is to use clear mailing labels rather than hand-address each envelope. I attempt to keep them up to date during the year, so when the holidays roll around, I assign one of the girls the task of sticking the labels on the envelopes!

  3. One thing I do to save time is wrap up the gifts as I buy them (otherwise I end up wrapping everything at the last minute!) Also I love to shop at stores that wrap for you for free!

  4. I also wrap them as I buy them. I also start buying early in the year to help spread out all that spending!

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