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I know we all worry about our computers. As we spend more and more time online, they become more and more like a lifeline for us. We get our news on the computer. We connect with family and friends on the computer. We work on the computer. We really need to be careful on the computer as it is, seemingly, an essential part of our lives.


I was very excited when I was eligible for a Bzz campaign to test Trend Micro’s Titanium Maximum Security. I have used  many different computer security programs in the past but this one is very different. The test also came with Trend Micro’s SafeSync which is a back up program for files on your computer.


First, the software itself has some new features. Your purchase will provide protection to your smartphone and to your tablet. These are not areas I tested as I do not have a smartphone. I tried to convince one of my adult children to put it on his smartphone to no avail. I have to be honest. This is also an area I hadn’t really thought of needing protection. While I can access the internet on my phone, it is not something I do frequently. When I leave my computer, I tend to want to leave it so I do not want the temptation of being able to get online on my phone.


I am a social networking junkie. I admit it. I spend a lot of time on Twitter. I use it as a news filter, checking links that other people have posted. The big problem here is to be sure that the link I am clicking is actually a news site and not going to damage my computer in some manner. When I first got on Twitter, there was very little spam but as time has gone on and more people have joined, the spam and dangerous or unknown links have increased. Imagine my surprise when Trend Micro’s Titanium Maximum Security shoes me questionable links.

Screen Capture


The green links are okay and the domains have been verified. The gray colored links are questionable. I loved being able to check and see if I was in good shape clicking a link. The screen capture was on Twitter but the system does the same thing for Facebook.


Trend Micro’s SafeSync automatically backs up files on your computer. The free amount is 10 gigabytes. Unfortunately, that little back up is not enough for all my document, photo and music files. The back up runs in the background of your computer and will take considerable time. No need to do anything different than usual. If you shut your computer down, it will pick up where it left off the next time your turn your computer on. It will also sync new files. This way you cannot lose information should your hard drive give up running or have some other issue.


You can find out all about Trend Micro on its home page and information about products for home use here.


Please realize that I received a free copy of Trend Micro’s Titanium Maximum Security and SafeSync for the purpose of reviewing the products. I was not told how to review the products. The comments and opinions are solely mine. I received these as part of a word of mouth campaign because I am a BzzAgent.

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