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Day of Jazz – SUNY Oneonta

Last Saturday, I spent the entire day on the campus of SUNY-Oneonta.  I do not live all that close to Oneonta.  It is approximately an 80 mile drive one way.  The child known as Number Five does attend the college, though, and is in several performance groups.  Last year’s Day of Jazz was held in the Black Box theatre on campus but this year’s was set for the Hunt Union Ballroom.

This year’s schedule included a few high school jazz bands and several community college and other college jazz bands.  SUNY-Oneonta’s New Orleans style jazz band played outside Hunt Union as the cookout was happening.  The other college band members and the high school band members could grab their horns and play along with their directors and guest artist Ray Vega.

Most of the photos in this slideshow are outside shots.  Saturday, April 9th, happened to be a gorgeous day so I wanted to be outside as much as I could.

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