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Friday Fun

With a quick nod to Momalom.com and to Bad Mommy Moments, I wanted to post photos from Friday’s Happy Hour at Chapter House in Ithaca.  I frequently head over to this bar on Fridays to hang out with friends and meet new people.  I will say that yesterday the bar area was seriously packed when my daughter and I got there.  They had been opening at 2 pm for the 2:30 pm World Cup games.   After all, what is more !!! than a summer Friday evening spent with friends.

Hope you can read the glass's message!
Some Gallows and their Others
Steve and Judy
Steve's sister Cindy

Not only did I get to meet Cindy for the first time, I later found out it was Steve and Judy’s 27th wedding anniversary.  On top of that, their youngest – Allen who was not with us as he is not old enough to get into this particular establishment – is graduating from high school today.  That is a lot of !!! in one weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun

    1. We missed you, Gary. I think I saw one of your artist friends park and then not notice Elise and I in the back corner so she left. Oh well…we had fun but it is truthfully not the same without you and Maude!

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