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Kentucky Derby Day

Oh, the memories!  First, let it be known I have never had a Mint Julep.  I am

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not even sure what is one other than mint.  I know it is an alcoholic drink but that’s it.  So at 6:24 pm ET I will be raising a pint of beer as the three year olds make the two minute run around the track at Churchill Downs.

I do want to say that I have memories of Kentucky Derby Saturday, though.  In college, the travel and tourism majors would go to work the Derby.  They would come back and taunt us forestry majors with the fun and learning that went on at Churchill Downs.

Then, there are the memories of my father’s neighbor.  Down the street from my father’s home is where a transvestite lives.  He is a strange man, having nothing to do with his cross dressing.  But, he would always don a wonderful hat and women’s suit for Derby day and sit on the porch having a mint julep.

Then, there is the memory of my son, my baby who was just 14 last year on Derby Day.  A good friend had his parents throw him a surprise 16th birthday party.  Since it was Derby Day, the birthday boy’s dad went down to OTB and bought a $2 ticket on each horse and repeated until he had enough for each kid at the party.  Each child drew a horse out of a hat and some lucky child went home a winner.

Tell me if you have ever been to Churchill Downs.  Do you watch the Kentucky Derby?  What about the rest of the Triple Crown – the Preakness Stakes in Maryland and the Belmont Stakes on Long Island?  Do you like, or have you ever had a, mint julep?

8 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Day

    1. Hope there were good memories, Jen. I was sure the race would end in a disaster this time with the track conditions.

  1. REALLY YOU TOOK ME NEAR A CROSSDRESSING FREAK WHEN I WAS A CHILD!?!?! Mom you are seriously calling into question your judgment and parenting skills really mom? Come on you can do better than that. I will raise a shot of kentucky’s finest bourbon for each horse in the race… just kidding I don’t have the money for that.

    1. I almost get teary-eyed when they play Stephen Foster’s “My Old Kentucky Home” and everyone sings along.

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