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Bridal Shower

I went to a bridal shower today.  First off, I cannot believe I am old enough that my daughter’s friends are getting married.  Yet, they are.  Second, I never realized how much a draw the Treadway Inn in Owego is as I grew up there.  Yet, it is.


The bridesmaids put together six themed gift baskets.  As we played games, we won petals to write our name son to put in front of each of the baskets.  Then, the cute little junior bridesmaids and flower girl drew names.  The themes were fantastic – a spa theme, a Wilkes University theme – where the bride to be and groom to be met and attended college, a Lancaster theme – where the groom to be is from, a spiedie basket – in honor of the bride to be, a North Carolina basket – where the lovely couple now live and a margarita basket.

Gift Basket Table
Gift Basket Table

The surprise was great when I heard my name called for the Lancaster basket.  Now I have, sitting on my kitchen table a selection of butters – pear, pumpkin, apple, peach – along with noodles, muffin mix, an Amish cookbook, apple snitz and Chow Chow.  I will have to hide things to keep them from the kids.


Thanks for a wonderful time!!

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