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I am not the main character of  Confessions of a Shopaholic.  I actually shy away from shopping.  I like to do it alone and in my own time frame but I did do some recent shopping with my sister and mother when they were in town.

I had previously been to Coldwater Creek, located in The Shoppes at Pierce Hill in Vestal, and found that I really like some of their products and really dislike some of their products.  With that said, I never fail to find something I like enough to purchase when I am there.  I also love their sales staff as they are attentive and treat me like I am going to spend $1000, not the $50 or so I may be able to spend at that time.

Today, as my mother and sister walked in, there were also other women discussing online marketing with the sales associates.  I was not trying to listen but the one woman was rather loud.  All three had been shopping and did leave the store with purchases.  They were discussing blogging, Facebook and Twitter.  I love all three of those internet phenomenon but am not looking to be bombarded with advertising from all of these.

So today I left Coldwater Creek with a short-sleeved crocheted sweater with a tank attached under it.  It looks good on me and I love it.  My sister left with a beautiful mug set and a beautiful plate set.

While I think that any Coldwater Creek store would benefit from additional internet marketing, I am not sure that there is a need to hire anyone to do so.  They just need more customers that love it there.

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