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A Relaxing Sunday – Service Review!!

Everyone is familiar with Sunday being a day of rest.  My week had been rather full so I was definitely thinking that yesterday was going to be a day of rest.  Little did I know when the day started that I was going to not only have a restful day but also a relaxing massage.

I had driven by 2719 NYS Route 26 many times but had not really paid much attention.  My mother and aunt were looking for somewhere in the area to get a massage on short notice as Mom is only in town until Wednesday morning.  They had tried the chiropractor’s office in Whitney Point, as my aunt lives in Lisle, but there was a machine.  This is when I remember the sign at 2719 NYS Route 26 in Maine – Zen Garden Healing Arts.  On my way home that night, I slowed to see if I could find the phone number.  It was too dark but I did find their web site –

Mom called on Friday of a long weekend and got voicemail.  She left her cell number, which is a California number, and before I was up on the Fourth, she and Nancy had massage appointments for Sunday.  So, I am still planning at least half a quiet, restful day on Sunday as they have massage appointments at 1 and 2 pm so the earliest they will show up at my house is 3pm.  Then came the call!  The massage therapist could give me a massage at 3.

Off I went to Maine.  First, Dacia, the LMT, showed me to a changing room and I got into this wonderful robe.  Then, she heated up rocks and put both my mother’s and my feet into a warm water, with rose petals, bath that was beautiful.  At first, I thought it was hot but it was fantastic!  I may have to get myself some rocks as it was not only a great feeling, my feet loved moving over those rocks.

Dacia Legge, LMT sets a wonderful mood with music and aromatherapy.  The hour massage was so relaxing, with oils.  I am at a total loss for words to describe it as I felt so renewed when I got up from the table.

3 thoughts on “A Relaxing Sunday – Service Review!!

  1. Nicki,

    Wow, what a beautiful review! I only just saw this, today…and want to thank you for the time you took to write about my “little spa in the country”. It was such an honor to meet you and your wonderful mom and aunt…
    Stop in next time you are in town!

    Our new phone number is 321-4010….thank you again!

    Dacia Legge LMT

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