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First Time Voters

So I bought a hard copy of the Press & Sun-Bulletin on Sunday so I could show my 18 year old son what the actual ballot would look like for his first ever trip to the ballot box – or as we know it, the voting booth.  I explained how he would vote on the same machines that his grandmother had voted on – something he may not have been thrilled with.

After watching the news last night and again this morning – the local news, I told him to be sure he had his driver’s license with him.  He didn’t want me to go with him and make a big deal out of this so he left the house at a little after 7 am to vote on his way to school.  I tried to explain this may not be a great time but the polls had been open for a little over an hour.  Off he went!

After talking to my son, no questions about ID.  No questions about anything!

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