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Recount – An HBO Movie

I don’t normally watch a lot of television.  I like a few shows but seldom watch movies on TV.  I was intrigued by the teaser I saw about Recount – an HBO original movie.  The movie starred some of my favs – Kevin Spacey to name one – and was about a timely issue – the 2000 presidential election and recount in Florida.

While I do not know, and am not sure that anyone other than those involved will ever know, what really went on as the campaigns of then-Vice President Al Gore, the democratic candidate for president, and then-Governor George W Bush, the republican candidate, took to fighting for the actual elections, I do know that it was a behind the scenes fight that most people wanted to watch in reality.  I wanted to know what happened.  I wanted to know who knew what and when.  I wanted to know if the actual winner of the election was the actual winner of the election.

This movie portrays many political powerhouses in a fairly good light.  My guess is it is extremely difficult to do that in a movie about such a hot topic.  The movie’s only bad characterization, and it may be a true one but is just not good in my mind’s eye, is that of Katherine Harris, then Secretary of State in the state of Florida.

If you ever wondered how the 2000 presidential election ended up in the Supreme Court, you should watch HBO’s Recount.

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