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Crusade 20 – Casting Call

No, Michelle Ward and the GPP Street Team are not casting a new movie.  But the Street Team is casting paper into all kinds of things.

I missed, or haven’t yet caught up with Crusades 18 & 19 but will get back to them eventually as I do have all the items gathered to do both stamp carving and stencil creation.

Anyway, I am not a big pulp maker.  I keep all those small scraps of paper thinking I am going to some day make pulp into paper and use these scraps, along with that huge, industrial-sized bottle of Elmer’s glue and the brown lunch bag full of dryer lint.  This time I took the easy way out.  I made castings using water and toilet paper.

I started with good, ol’ fashioned Scot’s toilet tissue that is single-ply.  I always have tons of this on hand as it is good, well just better than other types, for the septic system.  I dusted my stamps that I had chosen – The Latest Trends group has a few challenges going involving vintage wedding so I used mostly wedding oriented stamps – with Antique Gold Pearl Ex.  I, then, started placing the toilet paper on the stamp – alternating tp with squirts from my gigantic water squirter.


There was a lot of water going around and pushing the tissue into the crevices on the stamp.  Then, came the tough part – waiting.  You have to wait until the tissue castings dry to take them off the stamp.  So off to watch Grey’s Anatomy and sleep.  The next morning found the casting dry.


After I took these rather dark shots, I started coloring the castings.  I didn’t color the wedding dress and tux at all but the other two were markered up.

Another crusade come to pass.


8 thoughts on “Crusade 20 – Casting Call

  1. Nicki – thanks for playing and sharing with the team. I few squares can take you a long way. Like you said, the hardest part is waiting! I’ve tried laying mine in the sun to dry but they seem to yellow, so overnight is the way to go.

  2. Nicki, you’ve got me re-thinking the use of less deeply etched stamps that I’d passed up while digging for something suitable. Your’s are so delicate-looking! Thanks for sharing! Marilyn

  3. You have a nice post for this “Casting Call” project…thanks! I’ve never tried making pulp, it looks fun!

    Have a great hair day! Becci

  4. Nice job, Nikki !These would look lovely on an invite or engagement announcement.
    Thanks for your visit and your kind comment on my cast !

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