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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!  I know that sounds like a crock but today is your, our day.

My mother is 3200 miles away and preparing for a cruise.  She will, undoubtedly, go to brunch today with my stepdad and my younger sister who happens to be in California on business for about ten days or so.   She will iron and pack if I know her.

My stepmother is about 40 miles away.  She will have grandchildren around if my guess is correct.

Both my grandmothers have passed away so there are no grandmothers except my children’s grandmothers.

We will not be having a big Mother’s Day celebration.  Instead, we will be having a bit going away dinner.  My oldest has been home for about five and a half weeks.  Tomorrow is his last day on the local job here and he is heading back to his own apartment and his own cooking and his own cleaning.  So today we will have a barbeque for him.

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