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March Madness

(Just a quick public service note – I started this post in February so it was about an upcoming event.  Now, it is March and it is a past event)

 … NO, not the NCAA basketball tournament!  My initial March Madness comes with the Southern Tier regional competition for NYS Science Olympiad.

Do you have any idea what Science Olympiad is?  I love it!  Science Olympiad is a nonprofit organization that promotes science and technology in schools.  The teams consist of 15 competitors and are broken into three divisions – A for elementary students, B for middle school students and C for high school students.  Competition events range from life sciences to physics to chemistry to technology.  The events may be hands on or written materials and may or may not allow resources into the event for the competitors to utilize.

I use to be a volunteer parent coach.  I am not, nor have never been, a teacher.  Two years ago, the area’s regional coordinator stepped down for personal reasons.  When no one else stepped up, I volunteered.  So I now, once a year, run a tournament of approximately 18 events for local middle schools.

This year’s regional tournament had 18 events with seven middle schools competing.  We would normally only send two teams on to the state tournament out of this group but, due to the fact that one team has moved on to the state tournament for more than three years in a row, we get to send a bonus team also.  This year’s first place team is Maine-Endwell Middle School.  The second place team is Horseheads Middle School.  And the bonus team – who took third place – is St John the Evangelist from the Broome County Catholic Schools.

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