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Road Trip #3, Day 2


What a day!

First off, we got a slightly late start but did go to breakfast at Elise’s favorite dinner on Military Rd in Niagara Falls.

After quite a bit to eat at Augie’s, we headed to Lewiston. I have only been to Lewiston once before. I came up when Elise was being inducted into an honor society and we went in to Lewiston to lunch. It reminds me of a quaint, artisty town. Anyway, we drove all the way down to the river’s edge and parked. We got out and walked down the boat launch. We have pics – flickr will be updated – of a Coast Guard boat, the silo, seagulls… tons of pics of the river.

After a quick stop at the hotel as Ed had left his camera there, we headed to the Falls. Since I hadn’t brought Danny’s or my own birth certificate, we had already decided we would stay on the American side of the Falls. While it was quite windy, it was a gorgeous day. There were a few threatening looking clouds but the only water we would feel was the mist from the Falls. But the possibility of rain kept a lot of tourists away. I was happy as it was not as crowded as it gets in the summer. We did see some Baltimore Ravens’ fans in for the Bills-Ravens game today that were at the Falls yesterday.

We found an ideal on-street parking spot and started walking. We went over to the rapids above the Falls. We walked down to the Falls themselves. We went up on the observation deck. We did opt out of going down the trails as the wind was a tad cool and getting really wet would not have been a good idea.

Then, we headed to Goat Island. We walked out on Luna Island and basically stood over the water feeding Bridal Veil Falls. We stood in between Bridal Veil and the American Falls. More pics and more getting misty wet. It was a blast.

We, then, headed over to Terrapin Point so we were practically in Canada. This is the point right next to the Horseshoe Falls. This is an area of Goat Island I had never been to before. It was wonderful to get there on a sunny, albeit windy, day. Horseshoe Falls looked even more beautiful and more powerful up close.

I have an absolutely wonderful time going through all of this state park but definitely Goat Island is my favorite. The variety of trees growing there is amazing.

More pics on flickr later today and another day of fun – breakfast, senior day at the soccer game, NUSGA meeting and food, then heading for home.

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