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Apple Picking


It is fall! \’Nuf said. I have been off apple picking! My 20 year old daughter is home for her only real visit for the fall semester. She will be home right before Thanksgiving but she is bringing a gang with her for a concert. This is she and mom time.

We went apple picking this afternoon. We had a blast. The orchard was picking Macouns, Jonagolds, Empires, and Cortlands. I was soooo excited. The two of us were only picking for about 30 minutes and we now have 48 pounds of apples here at the house.

We took pics of the trees, pics of the hills nearby, pics of each other. She will take apples back for her, apples for her twin at UB, apples will go to Syracuse with us tomorrow. In other words, all the kids will get apples.

Tomorrow is another bonding experience – although today might have had its fill since we went to the credit union to get a student loan together too. I am taking her to her first ever Division I-A football game. I will need to behave – but not too much – as my beloved Mountaineers are into the \’Cuse and should beat their butts.

Oh to be a college student again!

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