As I somewhat indicated in my post about blog comments, I have needed to get away a bit.  I seldom have time for a vacation during the summer.  Plus, what mother would think taking six kids somewhere away from the familiar is a vacation.  An adventure, definitely.  Relaxing, not usually.

Anyway, now that my children are older, I can get away on my own sometimes and have done so with pleasure lately.  I am living with adult children who are getting on my nerves more than they have in the past.  It might be that there are more of them in the house than in past weeks and months.  It might be that they are getting edgy after months or weeks of unemployment.  Who knows?  The kids are getting to me, though.  Of that, I am certain.

So what does a mother of six do when the kids are getting on her nerves?  I do a lot of different things.  I might hit the road – literally – in my shoes on a run.  This helps keep me sane.  I may go with music or just with my thoughts.  It gets me out of the house and leaves me with things other than my children.

Occasionally, I hit the road in the car.  I take a trip – a day trip or possibly an overnight.  I stay with friends.  I go to towns I love the things that can be done.  I go places where my camera and I can have all kinds of fun.  If I go somewhere and stay with friends, I convince them to go on these little jaunts with me.

The end of this week will start the wonderful summer church festival circuit here.  I will be able to go to Greece and Italy on consecutive weekends without leaving Endicott.  This Friday I will have Greek food for lunch.  The following weekend, I will go to St. Anthony’s Feast Days which celebrate Italian heritage.

With the huge June calendar that is hanging in my kitchen having very little white space left on it, I am happy to know that I can escape and recharge locally for a while.

What do you do when you need to recharge?

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