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I’ve been trying a lot of new things lately and wanted share with y’all the things I am currently loving.

VegaSport Endurance Gel

I recently tried these in Orange Zest and loved it. While slightly more expensive, these did not bother my stomach at all.

Photo from

Photo from Nail Colors

I featured these lovelies in my Transition to Fall post. I love these nail colors. Because I am still hanging out in the desert, I’m wearing Queen Anne on my toenails at the moment.

Photo from

Photo from


I know #RunChat last Sunday evening was all about hydration. I always love water but the heat here in the desert is making more essential than if I were back home in Upstate NY. I do not leave the house without water.



Not only does Sprouts have a great bulk area, they sell some of my favorite products that I cannot get in stores back east. I anticipate a package being shipped home as I leave in October.


What things are you loving lately?

Transitioning to Fall

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Disclaimer: I was contacted by Julep to do a transition post. I did not receive any compensation other than the infographic near the bottom of this post.

While I may be on the west coast and in the desert where fall is not a huge difference, back home weather is starting to feel like fall. If you’re like me, you really can’t afford a totally new wardrobe for each season (my extra money goes to race entries). Here are some tips for transitioning into fall with your wardrobe, your makeup and your accessories.

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up, shall we?

First off, if fall has arrived at your location, you may want to put away the sandals. Consider pulling out some peep toe flats or some boots to make your summer dresses take you a bit further into fall.

You may, if sandals all summer have made your feet look and feel like mine,want to splurge for a pedicure. Definitely time for a different polish. More about polish later.

Summer weight skirts, sundresses and pants can make the transition to fall with the addition of a sweater over the skirt, a cardigan with the sundress, and a long sleeve shirt with the pants. Think texture and vary these textures to make your summer clothes take you further into the fall.

Layers are also fantastic for fall. In addition to the cardigan mentioned above, think jackets. I wear my shells, tanks and camis into fall by throwing a long sleeve Oxford shirt over them or by throwing a jacket over them.

Now let’s go back to those nails. Once I start changing over my wardrobe, I tend to go to a darker polish. Summer will find me in beige or sand polish on my fingernails. My toenails tend to be brighter, maybe even neon. Once fall appears I tend towards a more saturated, darker polish than summer.

Julep nail colors are favorites of mine, having received some as a gift earlier this year. For fall, I’m going to be a Chloe girl, described as a warm cocoa frost. My summer tan carries on through some of fall and Chloe shows it off great. Not sure how you want transition? Check out the infographic below.



What color will you take your nails into fall with? Visit Julep and let me know in the comments. Have your own tips for transitioning? Please share.

Manitoba Harvest #pro70 – Product Review

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Disclaimer: I received free samples of Manitoba Harvest hemp protein powder in both vanilla and chocolate through my association with Fit Approach. All opinions are my own.


As a vegetarian, I often worry about my “cheats.” I eat eggs. I eat fish. I do not, however, eat drink cow’s milk. I often wonder about things like protein powders. Do they depend on ingredients I should worry about?

Enter Manitoba Harvest. They have a new HempPro 70 protein powder in chocolate and vanilla. I tried both with almond milk after mid-length runs and loved both. Previously, I have only been able to handle protein powders in smoothies. Both of my samples were put in a shaker and mixed with almond milk. No blender. No additional items. I wanted to get a good idea of the taste.

Before I tell you my specific findings, here is some information about HempPro 70. This information was provided by Manitoba Harvest.

  • HempPro 70 is the only water soluble protein powder on the market.
  • Pure, plant-based protein that is 95% digestible.
  • Sweetened with organic coconut sugar.
  • Protein and Omegas. Vanilla has 15g of protein. Chocolate has 14g of protein. Both are chalked full of Omegas.

Both flavors blended/shook up easily. I had no blender to have to clean after my run.The vanilla was goodbut the chocolate was yummy! I tend to lean towards chocolate and am very picky about the taste of my chocolate. Protein powders do not generally make the cut but this one does.

Manitoba Harvest is currently, through September 30th, running a contest. Snap a pic and tag them on Instagram or tweet to them using the hashtag #pro70 and you could win a case of your favorite flavor. Also, purchase either HempPro 70 protein powder and you can receive 20% off by using the code sweatpinkpro70.

Online Dating

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Yup! I’m back talking about online dating again. Today it is pet peeves and then some successes and failures.

Pet Peeves

  • A dating site algorithm that sends me men who are not looking for me.                                                                                                                            – I understand that a specific profile may fit my criteria but why send me his profile via email when I am at least five years older than his oldest age limit.
  • The opposite: a dating site algorithm that sends my profile to men who do not meet my criteria.                                                                                – I realize algorithms can only act on the information we provide, but why waste my time and his time?
  • Being ignored.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – I wish there was a way to know if a person subscribed to the dating site. I can presume when I send an email within the site and do not receive a response, this is the case. It is also possible the man doesn’t think I meet his criteria. A simple response back would be nice.


  • I’ve managed to have coffee with one gentlemen here in the desert.
  • I’ve managed to change my location to the west coast.
  • I’m enjoying the desert.


  • My current situation, spending time on both coasts, is making it hard to meet men.
  • I may have to concentrate on one area or another.

I will keep you all updated on my experiences. Anyway I look at it, I’d recommend

Have you ever used an online dating site? Any tips?


Non-dating related, unless you consider I date my running – I am fundraising to run the Marine Corps Marathon. Please consider giving by visiting here.


Asheville, Here I Come!

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Last March I ran my first race in Asheville, North Carolina. I not only loved the city but I also loved the race. Good news! I’m going back to Asheville to run on the Biltmore Estate in March of 2015 and you can come run with me. I have a discount code that is good until September 15th. Below I am going to talk all about the race, the pasta dinner the night before and the expo. I’m also going to put out there some of the things I would like to do while in Asheville this coming March. If you want the discount code to run either the full or the half marathon in Asheville next March, just ask in the comments.


One of the great joys of running the Asheville Marathon and Half – I ran the half last year and think I will run the half again this coming March – is that the race is totally on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. Runners receive admission to the estate for the day.

And a closer look at the mansion

And a closer look at the mansion

You run directly in front of the mansion.

Another plus last year was speaker Danny Dreyer of Chi Running talked at the pasta dinner the night before the race. He went through both the full and the half with hints on where terrain may be more challenging. This type of talk, with specifics about the race itself, was wonderful.

The expo was another plus, in my mind, as it was at a local hotel. There were all kinds of vendors and other races displaying at the expo. There was even a scavenger hunt that allowed you to be entered into a drawing. I had a blast wandering around and purchasing socks by Balega that benefited the charity partners of the race and purchasing wine bottle at the Biltmore Estate with commemorative labels for either the full or the half.

Asheville, itself, was a joy. I spent a couple days in town prior to the start of the festivities. I went hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I also went to Chimney Rock State Park. I ended the weekend by receiving this cool medal.

Medal made from local wood against finisher's fleece blanket

Medal made from local wood against finisher’s fleece blanket

I fully intend, this coming trip, to tour the mansion on the Biltmore Estate and do some more sightseeing. I would love to be able to go down for a week or two.

As an ambassador for the 2015 race, I have a discount code for friends and family. If you want to run the Asheville Marathon or Half at Biltmore Estate, please leave me a comment on how I can get the discount code to you. The code expires September 15th.



Training in the Fall

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Fall is here, meteorologically speaking. If I were in Upstate NY, I could be racing every weekend for the next few months. I am not finding that to be the case here in the desert southwest. I have found no nearby races but that will have to be okay as I am here for seven weeks and have some pretty heavy marathon training to complete.

By the way, if you are interested in donating to charity, I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon for Zero Prostate Cancer. Donations can be made here. I’ve decide to take Caroline Wozniacki’s lead. Every interview I have seen of her during this year’s US Open, she has managed to work in her charity and how people can donate. You will find me doing the same this month.

Back to training ….

The weather here should be cooling off a bit but cooling off for the area I am in is 90’s and that is still too hot for a daytime run. I have found myself reverting to being a morning runner. I am up at 5 am at the latest. I am out the door no later than 6 am and that is for a short run. I am spending a considerable amount of time plotting routes as I am not familiar with the area. This coming weekend will be a true test as I head out for 18 miles.

Should you not be training for a fall race, or if you like planning in advance, check back tomorrow when I tell you all about my ambassador position with the Asheville Marathon and Half at Biltmore Estate.

Biltmore Mansion

Biltmore Mansion

Are you training? For what race? Have you ever run for a charity? 

Salt Springs Trail Race – Preview

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This past weekend I was lucky enough to preview the short course at Salt Springs. The trail race is August 30th at Salt Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. You can register day of the race. I ran the 2.5 mile short course while others ran the 5.5 mile long course.


After leaving and crossing the bridge into the park, the start is an uphill one on a park road. The uphill goes for about a mile and is mostly road and field before you head into the woods and trails. The course is marked well, with the short course being marked in yellow arrows and the long course being marked in orange ones.

Where the long and the short course split

Where the long and the short course split


There are the expected rocks and tree roots on the trail. When I ran the course this past weekend, the park had been battered by a storm a few nights earlier. There was standing water on the trail and, in places, no choice but to go through it, as opposed to around the water. The downhills are slightly technical but mostly due to the steep nature. Many places it is a single track so please start where you should as people may not be able to get by you.


I strongly recommend, if you will be in the area, running this trail race. I would be there but am out of town on that date. It is easily set up to be for veteran, as well as novice, trail runners.

Are you racing Labor Day Weekend? Will it be a trail or a road race? Will you be at Salt Springs?

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