Adding to my Training

I have spent a lot of time since 2007 running. There has been some swimming, a little kick boxing and a few other exercises that help me with my running but I have concentrated on running mostly. I am not a big racer but have run quite a few since my first 5K in December of 2009. Now, I have started running a bit less and cycling more.

Back in April, I took my bike – I realize I need to name my bike as I name other things but have no idea what to call him – to the local bike shop for a tune-up. This tune-up was almost like buying a new, really cheap bike. I got the bike as a wedding present from my then-husband 31 years ago. I rode while pregnant and actually rode distance quite frequently when I was first married. My kids took pieces – saddle mostly – from my bike for theirs over the years. The bike had had little maintenance done on it in its 31 year existence.

My Bike, pre-tune up

My Bike, pre-tune up

This baby now has new tubes and tires. I have had the old water bottle holder – it was a big velcro thing and the accompanying bottle had velcro on it – removed and a new one put on. I bought a new saddle as, since getting the bike in 1984 I have had tailbone issues so I wanted a more cushioned seat.

Since picking up the bike on the 17th, I have ridden 97 miles. If I had realized I was that close, I would have ridden the extra three before saying that. Last week, between running, walking and cycling, I hit a 93 mile week. I am getting much more exercise and feeling much better for it.

On top of being exercise, I can use the bike to get the three point something mile ride to the grocery store. I can get to the post office on it – I live between two POs with each being about four miles away. I love having a bike that I can ride without worries.

Now, I’m spending some time getting used to shifting – which has always been my nemesis – and other bike maintenance. I started a new Pinterest board to keep all these tidbits in one location. Currently, it has basics about gears but I will be adding routes and maintenance tips.

Do you own a bike? How long have you cycled? What do you love about it or not like at all?

Discovering Delilah – A Book Review

HARBORSIDE NIGHTS is a sexy, hot, and evocatively real New Adult Romance series that follows a group of friends who have known one another for years as “summer” friends, and now come together after college to build their lives. They’re tough, edgy, and accepting—most of the time. This series is written in the loving, raw, and emotional voice readers have come to love by New York Times & USA Today bestselling, award-winning author Melissa Foster.


After the death of her parents on the day of her college graduation, Delilah Armstrong thought she could finally follow her heart and come out to her closest friends, but the guilt of going against her parents’ beliefs haunts her. The feelings she has for her best friend,

Ashley, are stronger than anything she’s felt before, but Delilah has never even kissed a girl, and fear stops her at every turn.
Ashley Carver promised herself that she would never again date another girl who wasn’t out, but that was before she met intoxicatingly sweet and sexy Delilah.

When another girl offers to teach Delilah the ropes, it changes Delilah’s whole world and gives her the courage to go after the only girl she really wants. But coming out isn’t as easy as Delilah imagined, and moving past her parents’ death and the feelings of guilt she is left with is even harder. The intense passion between Ashley and Delilah is too strong to deny, but coming together means risking everything.

Discovering Delilah is an edgy, evocative, romantic story of friendship, family, and the courage to love.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

“Melissa Foster does a great job addressing the (still) sensitive subject of same sex relationships and the stereotypes, prejudices and sometimes even consequences of being in one. But this book doesn’t only focus on that one topic. You will also see the beauty of friendship, the love of family and one’s metamorphosis from confusion and pain to self-discovery and acceptance.No matter if you are heterosexual, homosexual or asexual, this is a must read for everybody!”— review from Goodreads by Marlene Engel
Available to buy from…… 


About Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes contemporary romance, new adult, contemporary women’s fiction, suspense, and historical fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Her books have been recommended by USA Today’s book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the World Literary Café and Fostering Success. When she’s not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success. Melissa has been published in Calgary’s Child Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women Business Owners magazine. 
Melissa hosts an Aspiring Authors contest for children and has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Melissa lives in Maryland with her family. 
Melissa is available to chat with book clubs and welcomes comments and emails from her readers. Visit Melissa at The World Literary Cafe
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I’ve been a big fan of Melissa Foster’s books for some time now. I cannot recall what the first one I read was but I am absolutely enamored with Discovering Delilah.

There are many reasons I like Discovering Delilah. Let’s start with the main reason. I have a lesbian daughter. I am not sure when she discovered she was a lesbian but she is now married to her best friend – as we all should be. While I have never discouraged her from finding out who she is, I know that a book like this might help both parents and teens as they explore their sexuality.

The book’s chapters are set up from varying view points. This seems to have become a thing. More and more authors are utilizing this method of writing. I’m ambivalent about that but do love know whose point of view the thoughts on the page belong to so appreciate the “~name~.”

The book is the second in the Harborside Nights series. I did not read the first book but have read others by Foster. I do not think that it is necessary to read an entire series but sometimes do. I like when I get drawn into characters and settings and they repeat over and over in multiple novels.

Delilah is a complex young adult and makes for a compelling character. She blames herself, somewhat, for her parents’ deaths in a car accident. She knows she is a lesbian but has not come out yet. She is trying to wrap her head around her life in Harborside as she has not been there long.

Her counterpart in this book, Ashley, has been out for years and is supported by her family in all her endeavors. She was hurt by a lover who was not out before and swears she will never date a woman who is not out again. Delilah changes her thinking on that.

On top of a story about rites of passage, this love story is beautifully written. The characters come alive as you read. I can envision having coffee with any of them during the day. I definitely recommend this new book Discovering Delilah by Melissa Foster.



I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.


COMING SOON the full Harborside Nights series…


Catching Cassidy (Het)
Discovering Delilah (F/F)
Tempting Tristan (M/M)
Chasing Charley (Het)
Breaking Brandon (M/M)
Embracing Evan (Het)
Reaching Rusty (Het)
Loving Livi (Het)

Characters from the Love in Bloom series will appear in the Harborside Nights books.





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Daily Schedule

I joined the #startrightendright challenge for the month of August. I don’t think I start my day off poorly. I get up and start making coffee. I head into my living room and generally turn on the local news. I do some quick meditation and then some brain work (I prefer jigsaw puzzles but anything I find online or in book format to exercise my brain).


In the past I have said I work until about 10 or 11 in the morning. Then, I run. I shower, have lunch and work more. This summer I have tried to get back into the practice of running earlier in the morning. I do not head out at the butt crack of dawn as where I live has little lighting and no sidewalks. The shoulder of the road is non-existent in many spots. It is just safer to wait until daylight has made its presence known.


That all said, here is what my current schedule looks like in July. This will change come August with the challenge. I get up between 5:30 and 6:30 am without an alarm. This is when my body naturally wakes me up. I do my small morning routine of meditation and brain workouts. I have coffee while watching the local news and then CBS This Morning. I have, recently, been out the door no later than 10 but closer to 9 am for my run. I work and come afternoon I write for myself.



This has worked out well for me. The only problem I am finding is that I seem to spend a lot of time sitting after I do my run. I am working on getting a standing desk back in play so I can stand while writing and working.


What does your day look like? Do you have a scheduled time to get up? Do you consider it early? When do you exercise?

Kidnapped in Paradise – A Book Review

In the Florida Keys, trouble is brewing along with the coffee. Friends Madison Westin and Fabiana Merceau search for the mastermind behind gruesome warnings showing up on their doorstep. Fab’s infamous new partner and Madison’s reappearing ex-husband complicate matters in this sexy and humorous action-adventure, the seventh installment of the Paradise series.

Can they slip the bonds of protective custody and solve the mystery before they are Kidnapped in Paradise?

Kidnapped in Paradise, is the seventh novel in Deborah Brown’s Paradise series, which can be also read as a stand alone book.

Available to buy from…..


“I loved it. Couldn’t stop reading; real page turner! Would highly recommend. Can’t wait for the next book in the series!” 
“Deborah Brown has done it again. The whole crew of South Florida lunatics are flying in every direction in this, the seventh book of the Paradise series.” 
“I love the characters with their attitudes and personalities not always agreeing it is a great read!I hope there is more to come can’t wait to see what these two cook up next! Definitely two thumbs up Deborah Brown!”  
above reviews from Amazon


About the Author

I’ve been writing, in one way or another for as long as I can remember; writing poetry, short stories, a romance novel secretly stashed under the bed and sappy love letters. Fiction should be fun. I wanted to create the perfect beach book, to make the reader laugh, cry and cheer… and then run out and tell their friends about it.

My love of reading began when I was seven, the day I opened the cover of my first Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book. Mrs. P gave lessons to other children in how to behave and to me I learned to love the written word. I live with my family and demon children aka rescue cats in South Florida.

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Also available in the Paradise Series

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Let’s start with Kidnapped in Paradise is book seven in a series, as you can tell above. I have never read any of the previous six so I can wholeheartedly say you can read the book as a stand alone. Did I want a book eight when I was done? Without a doubt. Did I put books one through six on my want to read list? You know it.I have always wanted to visit the Florida Keys. I have been to a lot of the 48 contiguous states but Florida is not on the list. The Keys are definitely not a place I have been. The description of this location made me want to buy a bikini – not a thought I have had since probably junior high – and head south right now. Of course, I am sure I would find the weather in such a beautiful place not as great as I am making it in my head. I’m okay with that. As much as I will always say I’m a mountain girl, the water draws me in just as much.

The characters in Deborah Brown’s novel are witty and gorgeous. Of course, all those who spend time in the Keys are supposed to be gorgeous. How else can they wear bikinis? Madison and Fabiana are friends who, I presume, met in one of the previous books. Evidently Fab broke into Madison’s house and stayed, spoiling her cat in the process. Both have boyfriends. If you know me, you know how I hate that term for grown men but these four are young enough I guess I’ll let that pass. Madison also has an ex-husband who plays a prominent role in this book. The opening scene introduces you to these five characters and lays a pretty good path for what is to come.

I kept waiting for the kidnapped portion of the title to be fulfilled. I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m saying I anticipated it being a first part of the book and I had to wait. The opening scene with someone tied to a chair was not the “kidnapped” that the title focuses on and I am glad for that.

I pick up books to escape from my real life. When I get one that too closely focuses on reality, I am not as happy about spending time reading it. I am very happy I read Kidnapped in Paradise as it is just what I am looking for in a novel. It takes me away from my daily life and puts me in a different place.


I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.


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A July Summer Weekend

Last weekend’s weather cooperated to make for a postcard perfect weekend in Upstate New York. Major races were held all over the place – Utica, Geneva, Binghamton – and a local festival took front and center from Friday until Sunday.

JulyFest, in its 53rd year, takes place in downtown Binghamton. In conjunction with the festival is a music festival and a 5K run, the Parlor City 5K. I haven’t managed to get into downtown for JulyFest in years, having not lived in Binghamton since 1994. It’s not that there is a great distance between my home and Binghamton. It’s that there is so much that goes on the second weekend in July I do not always get downtown. When I do get downtown, I tend to be there only for the 5K and leave before JulyFest booths open up for the day Saturday.

I was so excited to see my friends Jen Lasher, Cindy Rotella and Gary Rith with booths at JulyFest. Each has their own medium they work in and each had amazing displays. Gary is a potter and I drink from a mug of his daily. I always have my coffee in a Gary Rith original. Cindy paints and her canvases are gorgeous. Jen is a photographer and I absolutely love her work and enjoyed talking to her about locations for shots and such.

Top all that fun on Friday afternoon off with Saturday’s 5K which I volunteered at the finish line. I got to see all of my running friends who may have just been warming up for the next day’s Boilermaker in Utica. It was great seeing people I know crossing the finish line.

Next July, if you are looking for a great place to spend a weekend in July, consider Binghamton during JulyFest.

Bon Appétit™ Pizza

Disclaimer: I am a Buzz agent. I received a coupon for a free Bon Appétit™ pizza and coupons for money off to give to friends. All opinions are my own.

YUM! I love pizza but as a vegetarian get sick of having to sacrifice what I would like on a good veggie pizza for my boys’ loves of meat of almost any kind on a pie. Enter Bon Appétit™ pizza. Offering a thin crust and five what I consider to be gourmet varieties, bon appétit pizza is the perfect alternative to local pizza or same old toppings. 


I selected the mozzarella and pesto pizza when I went to my local store with my coupon. The price taken off my total was $5 as the pizzas were on sale for 2 for $10 that week. I do not recall the regular price on these pizzas. On top of slices of mozzarella, the pizza was topped with halfed ripe cherry tomatoes and dollops of pesto. As a pesto afficionado, my only complaint about the entire pizza is there could be more pesto on it.


This particular pie took about 13 minutes to back in my oven and it came out a delicious looking pie.


The thin crust was crunchy and starting to burn a bit in my oven so I did not melt the mozzarella slices as much as I could have.

I have to say that I would highly recommend these pizzas to anyone who loves thin crust pizza. Also available are roasted vegetable, spinaci, pepperoni and pesto and trio bacon. I will be sure to have the boys try one of the meat pizzas next but I have my eye on the roasted vegetable.

Movement Streak

Oh yes! I recall saying I was going to do the Runner’s World streak from Memorial Day to July 4th. Well, I didn’t even move every day in there.

I ran some distance every day the first week. And the second week. The third week I ran six days. That gives me 20 days in a row so far. And so it went. Until a week in the middle of June that, for the life of me, I cannot explain why I only ran one day.

Did the streak do what it is suppose to do? I suppose. It gave me a shove to get out the door for a run. It was motivating … until it wasn’t. I do not recall any pain or other issues. Looking back at my calendar, I had a normal amount of work the week that I only ran once and only three miles. It just happened.

Am I about to embark on another streak? No. The next Runner’s World streak is between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. While that is a time that I need all the motivation I can get, I do not like the premise of running every day in the winter. Weather is too harsh here to guarantee that ability to get on the road daily. I dislike running inside. I just don’t think I will do that holiday streak.

What motivates you to get out the door to exercise after years of doing it? Do you participate in streaks?