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Are we ever satisfied? We live in a world of instant gratification. Almost anything we want is at our finger tips on the internet – music, food, clothing, shoes, dates. Do we know how to find what we want and then stick with it?

Have you ever bought a new pair of running shoes? You wear them for a few miles or a hundred miles. Suddenly, a friend tells you about their newer pair. Do you feel dissatisfaction at what you have, even though they are still good for running? Do you want to immediately look for a newer model?

What about clothing? I know a friend who will leave the tags on clothing until she absolutely has to wear it. She is never completely satisfied with her choice until she gets it on. If she should find a sale, or a style she likes better, before she wears the initial purchase, that first will go back.

I’ve found myself, lately, thinking that I need to do more research before making a purchase so that I can be sure I got the right thing. Then, I second guess myself when someone else talks about their purchase of the same thing.

What is it that causes us to think what we have is not what we should need or want?

Do you ever have buyer’s remorse? Does this dissatisfaction extend beyond your purchases to other decisions in your life?

A Woman’s Body

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We all know, or have heard of, the sexual revolution. As a woman, regardless of the fact that I am a Catholic, I have always held to the premise that a woman’s body is hers. No one should have control over a woman’s body but that woman – not partner, not church. Does this make me odd? I don’t think so but I suppose I could possibly be in the minority. The bigger question is how does one broach this subject in a new relationship?

Let’s be honest. As a parent I preached abstinence but, being practical and a woman who truly enjoys sex, also acknowledged the need for education on birth control methods. The problem that exists for teens and young adults is still there as long as the female partner in a relationship is of child bearing age. While I would love to say I do not have to worry about this issue, I cannot seem to even start menopause so I worry about pregnancy when a relationship takes that step up to being a sexual relationship on top of whatever else it may be.

Because of hormones and other issues, oral contraceptives are contraindicated for me. I should not be taking birth control pills. At almost 53 years of age, I keep holding out for menopause so do not think of an IUD or other implanted device as truly a viable form of birth control. I fall back, as I did when I was first experiencing sex, to the condom.

Condoms not only provide birth control but protection from STDs. I like this as other forms of birth control do not provide that barrier to prevent transfer of STDs. I also like it as I basically have some control. I do not, although by the time sex is an issue I trust the other person, have to worry that someone doesn’t like condoms so is not quite being truthful about a possible vasectomy. I can be sure that I am not going to get pregnant … except when I can’t.

What happens when the condom breaks? Possibly weeks of worry ensue as the clock ticks to the start of the next cycle. At my age, I do not want to have to do this type of waiting. All kinds of stress comes from worrying about unwanted pregnancy. And, what comes if the stress worsens and the condom broke at the worst possible time? I go back to my first premise – it’s my body and no one else’s.

How do you deal with sex in a new relationship? What form/forms of birth control do you use? How do you talk about these things with a new partner?

New Running Challenges

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Desert Sunrise

Desert Sunrise

The desert is hot and is getting hotter. The sunrises are beautiful. I am beginning to love the early morning runs. I have settled into a routine and sat down on Friday evening and plotted out an almost nine mile run that would include a midway stop at Old Town Coffee Company for some nourishment and a refill of my water bottle.

Old Town Coffee Company Refill Station

Old Town Coffee Company Refill Station

Then, up came the winds on Friday night without a wind advisory being issued. I was unprepared for the intensity and the particulate that suddenly is swirling in the air, even as the winds eventually died down on Saturday morning. I run with exercised-induced asthma so worry about what I am breathing in while I run. My step dad did not ride his bike on Saturday morning as planned. The winds were too much.

I got up as planned at 4:30 am and started getting ready as quietly as I could. I was told by both my mother and my step father to not go. I opted for an altered route within the community they live in so that I was never more than a half mile from the house. This way I could stop at the end of any mile and basically be at the house. I could also always walk back if the air was too much for me. Since I didn’t get out the door as early as I had originally planned, I settled for a five mile run within the area near the house.

What keeps you from running? Are you currently training for a race? How far are your weekend long runs?



Desert View

Desert View

I’ve discovered just what being sandwiched between children and parents means. I quickly, almost a month ago, packed my bags and got my house in order to leave two adult children in NY while I flew to California. My mother is ill and I am helping with her care at the moment.

I have spent the time here in California crushing pills, making dinners, running and swimming. The last two are for my own sanity and benefit. The first two are for my mother’s and my step father’s benefits.

While this would be slightly easier if we all lived on one coast, I am still not sure this would be easy by any means. I do not know how people who spend months and years caring for an ailing, or simply elderly, parent manage to maintain their own life. How does this balance work?

When my children were little, the balance issue was between work, housework and child rearing. If I managed me time in there, or us time when I was married or in a relationship, that was a bonus. Now my children are grown but two still live with me. I am toying with getting a storage unit and getting a lot of stuff out of my house I rent in the east. This way house upkeep will be easier whether it is me doing it or the two adult children.

I will soon be flying back to the east coast. I will stay back east for a month or two. I have an October, east coast marathon on the books. I am not sure if I will fly back west before or after the marathon. I will be back out west for an extended period at some time, though.

How do you help parents when they want to remain independent yet need assistance? How do you balance family/personal needs with parental needs?

Product Review – @EnduranceShield


Disclaimer: I was contacted by Endurance Shield to see if I wanted to review their product. I was provided with a 4 ounce container of their sunblock and a lucky reader will also receive a direct-from-Endurance Shield sunblock.

Sunscreen tends to be the bane of an athlete’s existence. As a runner, I wear sunscreen all the time. People sometimes presume, since I live in the northeast, that I do not utilize sunscreen in the winter but those sunny winter days can cause more sun exposure issues for me than a partly cloudy summer day due to the extra sun bouncing off the snow we get.

My biggest issue with sunscreen is that I sweat, a lot. I hate getting sunscreen in my eyes as it, along with body sweat, stings. Being an allergy sufferer, my eyes get enough of a beating without extra reasons to be red and to water. Enter Endurance Shield.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

I have been using Endurance Shield SPF 45 sunblock for approximately three weeks now. One of those weeks has been since landing in the desert Southwest of California, outside Palm Springs. I have used this sunblock on its own, as a moisturizer – both under and without makeup, and over my normal moisturizers – yes, plural as I use something different for body and face.

When I run or bike, I do not have to worry about this sunblock running into my eyes. I love the fact that it does not run. I am not worried, here in the desert, about running when the sun gets out a little and it warms up as the sunblock is not running. I also do not have to worry about those parts of the back of my arms – when the lowest temperature I have seen here was 70 and that was at 5 am – that have minimal sun exposure, unless in a swimsuit, until it is singlet season.

I am of an age where I seldom go without facial moisturizer for any amount of time. I will wash my face in the morning and immediately put moisturizer on. I have, instead of moisturizer, put the Endurance Shield sunblock on. My face doesn’t get that tight, “I need moisturizer” feeling. I have also used this product as a leg and arm moisturizer until I could get to the store to purchase new moisturizer.

One lucky reader is going to his or her own Endurance Shield Sunblock. You can enter below using the rafflecopter link. I am sure there is a difference but I use the terms interchangeably. I need to get myself some more Endurance Shield and am looking to also get some lip balm and a few other items.

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Desert Living

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Things are different here in the desert. I am adapting. You can see some photos from this morning here.  Here are some of my observations.

  • I must run in the morning. And by morning, I mean out the door by 6 am at the latest or it is too hot. 
  • At home, we love a sky that is cloudless as it is unusual. Here in the desert clouds in the sky are an oddity.
  • At home, water out of the faucet is always cold. Here in the desert, even the cold water comes out warm to start.
  • I haven’t even thought that wearing long pants or capris since touching down in LA. I also haven’t put a jacket or any short with sleeves on, either. 

Enjoy your summer weather, folks.

Traveling Again

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I’ve been traveling. I spent Sunday and part of Monday morning traveling from my home outside Binghamton, New York tomy mother and stepdad’s home outside of Palm Springs, California. I am getting used to the desert heat but not to my hydration requirements here in the heat.

I am taking my acclimation to the heat slowly as I know it is a lot more than I would normally be used to so soon at home. Here are some of my thoughts from my trip and since I have been here in the desert.

  • Why allow me to have a carry-on bag if you are going to make me check the bag at the plane anyway?
  • There’s a reason they make ear phones/buds. It’s so I do not have to hear you playing games on your cell phone.
  • Who numbers plane rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 18, 19, 20, 5? False sense of plane size.
  • Beer in an airport is extremely expensive so how do people end up drunk on a plane? (Which, if you haven’t heard it yet, is Dierks Bentley’s new single. Listen/watch here.)
  • Bathroom scales should not be used to weigh luggage. Horribly inaccurate. Now I am wondering what I actually weigh. Luggage was 25 pounds less at airport.
  • People may look at me funny but I will always wear my compression socks on cross-country flights. Flight from Newark to LA was almost 6 hours.

I am heading out today with the camera, I hope. Will have a photo post soon of the lovely area I am in.

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