A Month To Forget

Have you ever looked forward to events and then had life had you not only lemons, but so many lemonade is out of the qHuestion? That’s February for me.

January was the late start of my training for my mid-March race in Asheville, NC. I managed to get 51 miles in in January. February has been brutal for training, though.

First, I had a relationship end. I had really thought this one was “the one” but was evidently mistaken. With the end to this relationship came the realization that I had tickets for two to an event that I was not going to miss. I took my 24 year old son with me instead. Not quite the Chocolate, Beer and Wine event I was hoping for when the tickets were bought but still a good time.

Then came February weather. I will run inside when it is necessary but dislike it. Top that with the bone chilling tiredness that comes from constantly shoveling, and sometimes in negative 20 degree wind chills, and this month’s training miles are going to be negligible. I think I may have walked more miles in February – especially pushing a shovel – than I have run. I know for a fact that one week I walked twice as much as I ran and all those walking miles were with a shovel.

Then, the hardest hit of all. My mother died last week. While not totally unexpected, I had spoken to her just the day before and all seemed as well as expected. Then, came the call. I feel like the past week I have been spiraling into a non-running life. I have decided Mom would not want that and swear I am getting back on track. Today will be indoors but the weekend should hold warmer temperatures and the chance to get outside and run.

Have you ever just wanted to right off an entire month?


I am way behind, like weeks, on the photo challenge I joined for this year and will get caught up eventually. Guilty pleasure is one of the weeks I missed and I will get up the photo of my book shelf. It’s not like there is only one in my home. I probably could wall a room in books.

That said, I just finished reading an actual book – one with paper pages. Coming from a woman who read 133 books last year, this may not sound like a revelation but the majority of those books, probably 100+, were read in electronic format.

A few weeks back, when I was still in a relationship, we decided to go to the movies one Saturday. We both wanted to see “American Sniper” but opening weekend was not the weekend for us to see it. The shows that fit in with our schedule for the day were sold out. We opted for our second both want to see movie – “Wild.”

I loved the movie. I have hiked in the Adirondacks. I have hiked in the Appalachians. I have hiked parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have hiked some on the west coast also. I have a degree in forestry and recreational use of forest lands. I have worked on trails.

Blue Ridge Mountains, outside Asheville, NC

Blue Ridge Mountains, outside Asheville, NC

Normally, I would not go see a movie that is based on a book without reading the book first. My daughter owns the book – I know as I gave it to her for Christmas – but I had not yet read it. I decided no biggie. Well, now I can say I have read it.

I was not drawn into the book immediately. It took me a chapter or so to really start devouring the book. Once I did, though, I didn’t want to put it down. I went back to reading, as in the book, via my headlamp at night in bed. As with the movie, when I finally put the book down this morning, I wanted to start planning my trip to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

I highly recommend “Wild” to everyone. Do you hike? Have you read “Wild” or seen the movie? Would you ever hike a trail like the Pacific Crest?

Training Update

If you recall, I had a two month hiatus from running. With a March 15th half scheduled in Asheville, I have been silently cursing both last year’s injury and the current weather.

Not bundled up enough for current weather

Not bundled up enough for current weather

Last week I ran five miles. Good news is that was five miles outside. More good news, it was at a fairly reasonable pace. Yup, with all that good news, there has to be some bad. Bad news is it was ONLY five miles.

On the other hand, I logged 15 total miles last week. Say what? I wear my Garmin as I shovel my driveway. I walked ten miles last week while shoveling. Shoveling miles are not just walking. It’s like doing squats also, especially considering the snow is high enough I have to lift up to pile the snow.

Feb 2 Storm (so much more snow now)

Feb 2 Storm (so much more snow now)

Am I going to run a half marathon in four weeks? You know it. Will I be PRing? Probably not but I’ll enjoy the landscape of the Biltmore Estate as I run those 13.1 miles.

Are you currently training? How’s training going?

January in Review

We all know we can’t meet our goals if we don’t keep track of progress so here’s how I did in January. You can find my original goal post here.

On target or not?

On target or not?

I ran 51 miles in January. While this is not a twelfth of the 1500 mile goal I set, I am building my miles and will have bigger months. I did hold to my ‘not running more than four days a week’ so am happy on that count. Those four days are easier in the winter due to weather. Not so sure what summer will hold.

While not as consistent with Rockin’ Body as I would like, I have been doing a lot of snow shoveling and, in February, am trying yoga for the first time ever.

My food goals have basically been ignored. I have not menu planned. Nor have I found a CSA. I’m still considering going back to using MyFitnessPal.com.

I have managed to save some money and hope to keep that up. The goal would have been to have $10 in savings by the end of January and I am slightly ahead of that line.

How often do you check in with your annual goals, aspirations or resolutions?


Disclaimer: I am a SweatPink ambassador but am not being compensated for this post. It will allow me a chance to enter to win $500 dollars worth of prAna gear. 


Yoga Challenge

Yoga Challenge

I have to start this off by saying how much I love the #NoExcuses campaign that SweatPink is running. The blog prompts are great but I particularly love the Mad Libs prompts. I am using this prompt today as I generally have not been able to do so up to this point.

  • When I think about yoga, the first thought that comes to mind is torture (I am not as flexible as I should be). Yoga moves (verb) me and makes me feel apple (noun) (truly not sure how it makes me feel).
  • That’s why I am SO excited (adjective) to participate in prAna’s Take The Leap 30 days of Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink. I plan to sun salutation(yoga pose) my way to a more flexible (adjective) and happy (adjective) 2015!
  • For me, the biggest challenge when it comes to yoga is balance. Taking the Leap with prAna and Sweat Pink is a great way for me to face/ conquer / achieve / find balance in more ways than one (same challenge / or be creative!).
  • My favorite place to yoga is the living room(noun) because it is so empty (adj).
  • Here’s a photo of me in my very best running pose (yoga pose or other creative pose).
    Courtesy of Lori Haskell - Not my fav race photo but it is what it is.

    Courtesy of Lori Haskell – Not my fav race photo but it is what it is.


  • I tag all my Asheville Marathon ambassadors [tag 2-3 people]
  • I want these fabulous bloggers to share their very best yoga pose photos, this fun madlib and of course, I challenge them to join me on this fun 30 day yoga journey
  • Come on y’all, Take the Leap with me!
  • Join prAna’s & Sweat Pink’s Take the Leap 30 Days of Yoga Challenge and be eligible to win $500 worth of prAna gear and / or be the lucky winner who gets to gift $500 worth of prAna gear to one lucky winner. They just launched their new spring collection so you best get on it!
  • If I win I would gift the $500 to Angie at Angie Runs [insert name and blog URL (if applicable) because they amazing.
  • Join the Take the Leap with prAna and Sweat Pink Facebook group / event which we’ll use for updates, sharing,and inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1525412337742204/  and event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/423377431152799


Do you ever join challenges? How do you do with them?

Not Just Soft – Charmin Ultra Soft Review

On the Wall

On the Wall

Disclaimer: I received a package with four rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper as a Bzz Agent. Any interaction about the product contains my own views and opinions.

I was a little skeptical at first about trying Charmin Ultra Soft. I have a septic system and have used single ply toilet paper for years. Even with that, I have had to tell children to go easy on the toilet paper used for each flush.

I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I like the feel of Charmin Ultra Soft. Not only is it soft, it is strong enough that I do not have to use a lot of toilet paper, even when having a bowel movement.

The septic system has held up really well to the Charmin Ultra Soft.

Additionally, I love the flower design embossed on the Charmin Ultra Soft. It is nice to have toilet paper that is not just plain.

Charmin is great for helping others. You can go to the Charmin Relief Project. When you request a coupon, you help supply firehouses around the country with Charmin toilet paper.

I would strongly recommend Charmin Ultra Soft to anyone out there looking for a good toilet paper.


Do you always think about what if I did this? What if I had done that? Where would I be now? This year I am going to hold with a #NoExcuses mantra.

No Excuses

No Excuses


If you recall my talking briefly about a coaching call with Tara Newman my last post, one of the things I found myself saying and thinking as we talked was “that’s an excuse.” I do not recall the exact question she asked but I answered it and then said but that is just an excuse. Or I would start the answer off with “I don’t want to make excuses but.”

I want 2015 to be the year I do not let excuses get the best of me. We all have the same amount of hours in a day. We all have goals and dreams and work and life we want to fit into those hours. I am going to make mine happen this year. Now to get out of this stuck, circling mode and get going – what my call with Tara was all about, getting unstuck.

On top of training for some awesome races, I am going to get more organized here about blogging. I have fallen behind on some of my accountability and need to get that moving so that I can have an awesome year. I want to feel like I do not have all the burdens I sometimes imagine – even if these are real, they are excuses – are weighing me down. I want to run regularly which I am working on already.

I think the reason #NoExcuses works for me so well is because one of my least favorite questions in life is “How did you do it?,” generally in response to the number of children I have raised. I have six children that are ten years apart, oldest to youngest. My basic response has always been “you do what you have to do.” You cannot make excuses. You just have to do whatever it is when it comes to parenting. I want that attitude to merge into the rest of my life.

Are you taking part in #NoExcuses this year? Whether you are or you aren’t, what does that mean to you?