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State Championships

My children go to a school that is known for its academics, a school that is known for its music program and a school that is known for its sports. When you consider the high school – where sports are played most – has approximately 800 students, it is a miracle that there is more… Continue reading State Championships

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The Harvest is Plentiful

From an outside window looking in, the big item missing from many food programs is fresh food.  Because of the perishable nature of fresh fruits and vegetables, it is hard to get them in food programs.  Enter an elementary school leadership program and the enterprising teacher who knew a garden could provide many lessons for… Continue reading The Harvest is Plentiful

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Good Bye , Summer!

Here in upstate NY we sort of go by those age old adages that summer starts Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day weekend.  Kids here do not even start school until the Wednesday after Labor Day. Best we not discuss when they get out of school as I am sure that would astonish some… Continue reading Good Bye , Summer!