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Another Health Care Insurance Adventure

I do realize that states make some laws and the federal government makes others. In some cases, the federal government turns a blind eye – rightfully so – to states where the state law may be in direct conflict with the federal law. While I agree with that in many cases, I am having a… Continue reading Another Health Care Insurance Adventure

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Journey to Health Insurance

I have had continual health insurance until December 5th. My divorce was finalized on 12/5/13 and my health insurance abruptly stopped on that exact date. No grace period. The COBRA letter came on the 20th with the price tag of $621 a month. During Divorce Negotiations I knew this was in the future so, in… Continue reading Journey to Health Insurance

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Gender Rating on Health Insurance

Discrimination takes place all the time in the world. We may think that it is a thing of the past but it is not. Ask any person who appears ethnically different than the average white male and that person will tell you discrimination is still alive in the US. Even stranger, in my mind as… Continue reading Gender Rating on Health Insurance

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A Love-Hate Relationship

I know I should not complain.  My children, and myself to some extent, are lucky.  Their father works for the state and he is required to carry health insurance on them.  State plans, while not cheap, are very good as far as coverage.  Yet, I have a love-hate relationship with health insurance.  Here is my… Continue reading A Love-Hate Relationship