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Farm Fresh Food (CSA)

Wow! I have so much produce I am not sure what to do with it anymore. Yesterday, my basket of farm foods – mostly vegetables – came from the small farm I deal with. Number one – let me say community supported agriculture is amazing. This concept of providing farmers with upfront money to invest… Continue reading Farm Fresh Food (CSA)

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Updated

Wow! I just had the most amazing breakfast. I had an omelet – farm-fresh eggs, local feta, onions, tomatoes. Well, tomatoes are not in season quite yet here so those were not from the farm but from the grocery but I still loved my breakfast. I have to say that my attempt at eating better… Continue reading Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Updated

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CSA – or Community Supported Agriculture

Back in March, I wrote about planting schedules and my not-so-green thumb. I also wrote about trying to find the information on a local farm. Lo and behold, there was an article in the local Sunday paper insert USA Weekend that following week. It was all about community-supported agriculture. I was sooo excited and immediately… Continue reading CSA – or Community Supported Agriculture

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Monthly Goal Review

Oh I am so behind! It is more than halfway through the month and I haven’t reviewed last month’s progress. It is really important to know if you are on target or not. Fitness I will not run any full marathons this year. And this is still holding firm. I do not foresee that this will… Continue reading Monthly Goal Review

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The 8th Goal Review of the Year

Once again, it is time to review my annual goals. Some are wonderful. Some are just plan bad. Some need to have a renewed focus the last four months of the year. Some are cruising along just fine. Fitness I will not run any full marathons this year.  This has been easy for me. Probably… Continue reading The 8th Goal Review of the Year

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Goal Review

I try, at the beginning of each month, to look at how I am doing with my annual goals. This is harder this month as this first week in May is bringing about a child getting married and culminating in my moving to North Carolina. Here I go with where I am. Fitness I am still not running a full marathon. I have not been tempted to… Continue reading Goal Review

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Goals in Review

The first quarter of 2016 is over. Can you believe that? I am not sure I am moving quickly enough towards my 2016 goals but I know I am moving. I sometimes think I am moving at a crawl. Case in point, yesterday on Facebook, my memories came up discussing a 167 mile March. That was in 2012. It was my second… Continue reading Goals in Review