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28 Day Blog Challenge

I always say I am going to do something to make my blog newer, better. I don’t necessarily know what I am looking to do. I have an idea what will be the final product for my blog when this 28 day challenge is finished but I am going to keep the final product to myself right now.

28 Day Blog Challenge
28 Day Blog Challenge

Over the next 28 days, the entire month of February, I am going to be following Katy Widrick’s blog challenge. I have looked at the various challenges already. While all do not directly effect my blog as it is, all 28 will have an effect on my blog in some way, shape or form.

Follow me as I work on my blog. Ask questions as I will, once a week, explain all the various things I have done in the previous week. Learn from my experience.

2 thoughts on “28 Day Blog Challenge

  1. Good for you, Nicki! I’m doing the 28-Day Challenge, too. I just completed the Ultimate Blogger Challenge and I liked that very much. Saw a lot of benefit from it. I look forward to seeing what you do on the 28-day challenge! 🙂

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