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Shop! Shop! Shop!

It’s here. I’ve written about it before (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 – I went back and looked. I spent Black Friday 2008 on a 10 Commandments Hike with my youngest). That period when those who work in retail need a break every day. When those in retail do not get to stay home with their families on Thanksgiving – at least this year. Now let me tell you what I think about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

I realize our economy is not looking up the way it should be. I live in one of the last states to have the recession fully engulf our economy and NYS will be one of the last to fully recover. I encourage those of us who have money – you’ll note I did not say credit but money – to spend when we can on items that are what we need and want. I do not encourage outrageous debt to help the economy or to make your holidays less stressful.

I, for one, am annoyed with retailers that are opening with Black Friday deals on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. I have always seen a few big retailers open on Thanksgiving Day but generally, it was for 4-6 hours in the morning. I don’t appreciate a day such as Black Friday managing to get more than 24 hours when I cannot do the same to my days when I need to do so. I will not be shopping on Thursday or Friday that I know of at this moment. If I do decide to shop on Friday, I will not being doing it at midnight as I plan to be sound asleep at said time.

I do understand smaller, local stores wanting to get in on the action that the big box stores seem to have cornered with Black Friday. I am all for Small Business Saturday. I happen to live where there are several “downtowns” that are populated with wonderful shops and I could do a lot of shopping there. I have some slight skepticism that such a day was created by a credit card company but I’m willing to let American Express take credit. I encourage you to eat local and shop local when you can.

As for Cyber Monday, shopping online has increased exponentially since this day began. My guess is most people who like to shop online do so regardless. Many may wait for this Monday after Thanksgiving but not me. I have booked a massage for that afternoon, just in case I do too much football watching over Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Will you be joining the masses and hitting the stores for some elusive deal on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or online on Cyber Monday?

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